Daily_Updated_Funny_Animals_PicturesLet’s face it; with today’s technology and photo shop, you can do incredible things with funny pictures. The internet is loaded with websites that you simply upload a photo and viola, there you have it! There are so many different things you can do with the funny pictures you’ve made. You can, make a crazy avatar for your profiles or send picture cards as gifts.

How do I get ideas for my funny pictures?

Well, the sky is the limit. So first, you need to know a little about photography. It is best to take a short-course on photography, maybe at a community college or community center. The reason being is that you have to have a good knowledge of basic photography before you can venture out on the edge of what is the norm. This means you need to know the basics before you can start using effects and programs like Photoshop etc…

As far as where to get ideas, that depends solely on what your purpose is using the pictures. Usually pets, animals and kids make the best funny pictures. This is because they are of an unpredictable nature and if you are fast enough and steady-handed; you can catch some cool and funny moments.

Some key funny picture techniques:

1. The best way to achieve a silly look is to get your subject, especially an animal as close to the lens as possible. Make sure you are almost touching their noses and fire away! This makes a goofy magnified effect with no expense or extra equipment needed.

2. Now, if you can master the wide angle lens, you can make a great funny picture if you have two different size subjects that you can focus on. Kids walking with animals are great for this!

3. You could script them yourself; you just need a talent to make it all look natural.

4. Take the camera everywhere you go. You never know when a silly moment is going to occur. When with babies, be sure to watch carefully because these are some of the most spontaneously funny pictures of all.

In a nutshell, Babies and animals are both fantastic media for this. Babies especially, because they are discovering their world and they make some funny cross-eyed faces while they are doing it. if you want to enhance the process, you can stage the experience by leading the baby pose.