imagesJust as a picture of a single item, for example, a blooming rose tipped with morning dew can be considered valuable to people who are in love, business owners who sell flowers, and the romantic individual; funny pictures are valuable to just about anyone who wants a good laugh. However, just as funny jokes can hurt an individual, especially if the joke is targeted at the individual or group, funny pictures can be just as hurtful or misinterpreted as hurtful. Thus, there are some key components every photographer should consider before they sell or publish their funny work of art.

1. To avoid picture misinterpretation or lack of interpretation, consider writing a brief comment (no longer than 3-4 words) that adds meaning or context to the picture.
2. Be tasteful in your humor. If you intend to make an income with your photographs, you want to develop a positive portfolio. Thus, try to stay away from pictures that may be considered in the -isms category such as racism, ageism, sexism, or any other forms or expressions of discrimination.
3. Do not take other people’s photographs and place your contextual comment (and vice versa) – that is considered plagiarism.
4. Don’t just “look” for that funny picture to take. If an event, person, animal, situation amuses you and you can capture that moment, take that picture. Humor is never tangible nor is it concrete. What may be funny to one person may not elicit any laughter in another. Thus, go with your very own gut instinct. If you think the picture is funny, take it, post it, and make money from it.
5. If you are trying to decide what picture would capture the audiences’ humor button, there are two rules you can use. One, it must be entertaining and two, if there is a “truthful” message within the photograph, you can’t go wrong. Think about it, the funny jokes you hear and jokes you read oftentimes have an element of truth in the message.

Once you find that funny picture or pictures, there are many places where you can sell your valuable print. For one, websites such as and offer financial rewards depending on the service you select. Terms and conditions of websites can change without notice but it is worthwhile to discover where other people are submitting their funny pictures for profit. Use internet forums and blogs to see where you can post and sell your pictures for profit.