bMost photographers spend a significant amount of their time on marketing. This time can be effectively used if a small amount of effort is put forth towards marketing on every shoot. This article contains tips on how to effectively use a photographer’s current production to increase marketing efforts.  After every shoot a photographer should:

1. Identify the top five images from the shoot. These images will be used in the tips below.

2. Write between 3-5 sentences on your artistic thoughts of these pictures, fun and unique personalities of your clients, and the virtues of the location in which you shoot. 5 sentences is not much to write. Make sure these are quality thoughts. Make sure they are written in an engaging style.

3. Update your blog with these pictures. Search engines and followers of your blog love fresh content. Those following your blog will see the technical and artistic thought and effort you put into each shoot and will be more likely to book when they are ready to have their pictures done. They will also become more interested in seeing in what new location you are currently shooting.

4. Update a section of your website that looks at photography locations. After a few months of doing this, you will have a fairly full section of your website with pictures and supporting text on local photography locations. Make sure you add the city names. The text on these city names will help you in search engine rankings of searches containing keywords photographer and your local city name.

5. Update the pictures and text on Facebook. Like a blog, patrons of Facebook love fresh content. Ask your clients if they will allow you to be your “friend” in exchange for posting and tagging, free of charge, some of the pictures. This will allow all of your friends on Facebook as well as the friends of your friends to see your most recent work.

These steps are relatively quick and easy. They are not difficult. They key for success using these techniques is to be consistent. Those who are currently willing to follow your  website, blog and Facebook will stay if you are put forth the effort to provide fresh, well-thought-out relevant content.