2681776cc874b695ecba5dc0204d2f7fIf you have a senior in your life you may have a hard time coming up with new ways to entertain them when you visit. It is actually not as hard as it may seem. Here are some fun and simple activities for seniors in your life they will find very entertaining.

Keep in mind when visiting with your senior, the mere fact that you are there spending time with them is appreciated and will make them feel great. It is all about spending time together.

It can be often the simplest of ideas that will be fun and entertaining for a senior that you have come to visit.

If your senior is feeling up to it, taking them out is always a treat. You can take them out to a park for a walk or to a movie or performance. Places where they like to eat can be a good idea. Whenever you take them out be sure to bring along any medications that may be needed for the time you will be gone.

Another fun activity for a senior citizen is to take something that is new technology and show them how it works.

Remember that basic conveniences we have today were not available when they were younger. Because of this they may find it interesting to be shown a few new technological things that they aren’t actually expected to incorporate into their daily lives. An experience with the internet via laptop and wireless connection, or even the newer cell phone technologies might be quite interesting to them.

Fun activities for seniors might include showing how a digital camera works. Even if you take it for granted -a digital camera may provide hours of fun to a senior who has only experienced owning a camera that took film and was often expensive to develop photographs. They will be amazed at the ability to take pictures of anything and view it immediately or delete at will.

Find out if they would be interested in participating in some senior exercise programs. A lot of these will focus on very low impact exercise and encourage independence and flexibility, rather than being a hard or exhausting day. Many groups that meet for this also have a catch up afterwards so it’s a great way for your senior to make new friends and experience new things.

Take games with you that are fairly simple, or those you might think are old fashioned, that a senior might remember from childhood. A simple card game can often be ideal and there are cards for those with vision impairment you can use. Other fun activities for seniors might be as simple as sitting and watching a favorite old movie together.

There are hundreds of ways you can come up with fun activities for seniors and not only will you be able to build new positive memories with them but you can also get to know them as a person in an entirely new way. By entertaining your senior you may discover yourself just as entertained and you can experience things from a new perspective.