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Photography and Kids

by newstrategy

Before the advent of digital photography, children and cameras could be an expensive partnership. “Be careful before you push the button.” “Make sure to get grandma’s head in the picture too.” “Why did you take photos of your father’s nose hairs?”

Photo after photo of the cat hacking a hairball, the dog pooping in the back yard, and brothers in their underwear showed up when the film was finally developed. Thank goodness for digital photography. Before any photo is printed, those less that treasured shots can be deleted. That’s a good thing!

So today how do you get children excited to take pictures and help them learn to make memories they will want to keep?

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Photo to Canvas Prints – The Perfect Way To Decorate Your Home

by newstrategy

rrWhen it comes to decorating your house there are all kinds of choices available when it comes to artwork. If you were to send two people into different rooms to decorate, chances are they would each decorate their room in a different and unique way. But no matter what your taste, we all want a room to look eye-catching and to be unique, both for your own personal benefit and that of others that visit your home. When decorating your home, the most popular new form of artwork that is available to you are photo on canvas prints. This is a process in which your photographs are enlarged and then printed onto woven cotton fabric before being stretched over a wooden frame.

The main advantage of photo to canvas transfers is that they have a much more lifelike appearance and are much more vivid. Please photos on canvas are the best way to capture any special moment of your life. With more texture and much higher level of detail, they have the edge when compared to standard framed photographs. As well as being surrounded by beautiful canvas prints on a daily basis, guests and visitors will also appreciate the vibrancy, clarity and eye-catching finish of your customised art.

Photo on canvas prints make a stunning centrepiece for any room. With many sizes available ranging from a 12″ x 12″ square print all the way up to the size of an entire wall. Canvas prints are also perfect within the business and corporate world, making stunning decorations for hallways, boardrooms, receptions or offices.

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Kids Photography and Digital Cameras

by newstrategy

ffA kids digital camera is a fun and creative way to introduce photography to young children. One thing to consider when purchasing a digital camera for kids is that cameras using film are slowly disappearing and can be costly when used by a child. Kids digital cameras are wonderful tools to have as children can instantly see pictures, delete them if they do not like a shot and retake it right on the spot. There is no developing of photos as prints can be ordered right off of the camera or printed on a computer. Kids always want instant gratification so the idea of being able to see the pictures on the camera and printing them from your computer can be very appealing.

Some of the toy manufacturers that offer kids digital cameras are Disney, Fisher Price, Little Tykes and Crayola. It is important that digital cameras for kids are tough and easy for kids to use by themselves! Dual hand grips help children hold the camera and steady the shot. Look for cameras that have controls that are simple for kids to follow! When looking at cameras for kids built in memory is very important as not only can memory cards be lost but can also present a choking hazard. Kids cameras come in an assortment of bright colors, with assorted cartoon characters, big buttons for small fingers with simple operations.. As your child grows they can advance to a more complicated camera such as a Point and Shoot model. It is a good idea to do some comparison shopping and read user reviews to help make decisions before purchasing a camera for your child.

Children begin looking at the world differently when they start looking through a camera lens. They see people differently and objects in a new way. They notice things they did not see before and think about everyday objects with a new perspective. They develop confidence in their own creativity. Photography is essentially a means of not only documenting the past, present and future, but a way to preserve a memory, as well as a tool used as a way of communicating. The instant results available on a digital camera help children learn to experiment and explore the world around them through the camera lens. Taking pictures is a fun and creative way to express oneself and the way kids perceive life, family and friends.

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Finding Time For You – Looking at the Big Picture

by newstrategy

xAs mothers, finding time for ourselves can be nearly impossible. There are always a million things on our to-do list that we mark as a high priority. At the end of the day, there just isn’t any more time.

The other day I was reading an article written by a man. He isn’t married and has no children. He mentioned in his article that he was very stressed just from working and doing things for his friends. He felt he had no time for himself. No time to unwind and have fun. I thought to myself, “This guy needs to really figure out what he is spending his time on”.

I have a husband to make happy, a house to clean, 3 children to nurture and teach, 2 cars to clean and maintain, a business to grow and that is just to name a few. I’m sure many of you mothers can relate. There are many times when I feel very pressed for time. I asked myself, “How can this man who only has a business and a couple of friends be so stressed and feel he has no time for himself?”

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Calligraphy Learning is Fun

kkIt is the well known fact that calligraphy is a special art that displays your talent in writing and shaping letters perfectly. Many people are under the impression that it is a very difficult art and it requires a person with very neat hand writing to practice it. This has been proved wrong in most calligraphy learning classes. Anyone can master this art with ease.

Since there are two styles of calligraphy learning, namely Western and East Asian styles, you can practice both and master them. However it is advised that if you are a beginner you should practice one style at a time as this tends to be less confusing. If you choose the Western calligraphy style you will require basic nibs, a pen, ink and a marker.

In the East Asian calligraphy style you will need to get some ink stone and an ink block to prepare your ink, a water cistern and different brushes of varying sizes made of different types of hair. Though the ink has to be prepared by you there is always an option of buying ink, for a small amount of less than $22, which would be adequate for the practice period.

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