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  • Urban Interiorites – A Mind Blowing Coral Reef Restaurant

    Urban Interiorites – A Mind Blowing Coral Reef Restaurant

    If you are in love with interior design and also love marine biology then we strongly recommend to visit Urban Interiorites.

    Few buildings massage your sense of sight like the Urban Interiorites does, and what began as an imaginative student project has become a living breathing reality.

    The conceptual cafe houses a sake bar, a sushi restaurant and a lounge, designed especially for the unique culture of youth in Harajuku district of Japan. The boxy, albeit sensational, exterior stands out in a remarkable way on this bustling city block, but the way such burgeoning oceanic motifs and patterns translate into the inside of the structure creates an otherwordly atmosphere.

    Students from the University of Pennsylvania School of Design worked together to create a space in which the architecture and the furniture could become one. The result is that the Urban Interiorites venue incorporates a peculiar yet compelling feast of visual stimuli that seems to suck inspiration from the human body and underwater organisms.

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