hhA local resident from Bridgewater has captured the glory of Shenandoah Valley more than once on canvas. She has been an artist for about 36 years and her reason for carrying easel and oils is not just to paint nature. She uses her collection of cut-outs from daily newspapers over the years in order to paint.

According to this artist, the clippings let her put back white or black, and other old colors to her painting exactly the way she wants to. In order to create larger scenic painting, she adds, she cuts out pictures of animals and object. She holds up a worn newspaper photograph of two millstones and points to how she had used them in the 15 by 4 foot mural that stretches across one wall of their family room. The millhouse on a rustic scene on the riverbank and the grey mill wheels look really amazing.

According to her, the large mural on her wall is a product of her methods, which include using the said photographs to add detail to other works like weather board buildings and wood land animals. In order to do this, she only needs water. Water is not hard to paint with, because it is volatile.

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