rrWhen it comes to decorating your house there are all kinds of choices available when it comes to artwork. If you were to send two people into different rooms to decorate, chances are they would each decorate their room in a different and unique way. But no matter what your taste, we all want a room to look eye-catching and to be unique, both for your own personal benefit and that of others that visit your home. When decorating your home, the most popular new form of artwork that is available to you are photo on canvas prints. This is a process in which your photographs are enlarged and then printed onto woven cotton fabric before being stretched over a wooden frame.

The main advantage of photo to canvas transfers is that they have a much more lifelike appearance and are much more vivid. Please photos on canvas are the best way to capture any special moment of your life. With more texture and much higher level of detail, they have the edge when compared to standard framed photographs. As well as being surrounded by beautiful canvas prints on a daily basis, guests and visitors will also appreciate the vibrancy, clarity and eye-catching finish of your customised art.

Photo on canvas prints make a stunning centrepiece for any room. With many sizes available ranging from a 12″ x 12″ square print all the way up to the size of an entire wall. Canvas prints are also perfect within the business and corporate world, making stunning decorations for hallways, boardrooms, receptions or offices.

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