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The iPhone 5 Is Going To Be a Transparent Masterpiece [PIC]

The iPhone 5 Is Going To Be a Transparent Masterpiece [PIC]

Now that the iPhone 4S has been released, everybody is wondering how the next iPhone is going to be. Well the new iPhone 5 release date is yet unknown but is more likely to look like this: a transparent masterpiece!

future iphone5 The iPhone 5 Is Going To Be a Transparent Masterpiece [PIC]

While the look of the iPhone has not changed drastically between generations, and while Apple and its consumers might prefer it that way, the Heir Apparent concept provides a compelling reinvention of the popular handset.

Examining this sleek see-through cellphone by Robert Davis, one can find several familiar features that liken it to the typical iPhone aesthetic. Spatially the app icons are placed precisely where they would be within the touchscreen face of the smartphone, and so is the network status bar, the dock of frequently used functions and all of the hardware elements.

Indeed, the button at the base, the receiver, microphone and the camera are each where you’re used to them being, yet the Heir Apparent iPhone reveals no cross-crossing wires and pellucidly presents a crystal clear handset.



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