For a long time, mirrored furniture has mostly been used in bedroom and bathroom design. Nowadays, however, interior designers love to use mirrored surfaces in all kinds of different spaces. Obviously, mirrors are typically there to help us check our appearance, put on make-up or get dressed in the morning. When used in atypical ways as parts of furniture, they can add charm, light, and class to your space.

Mirrored furniture

The following 5 reasons to choose mirrored furniture are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their functionality and style-related advantages. The only thing you should bear in mind, though, is that you do not want to overdo it. No one wishes to live inside a house of mirrors, but sprinkling reflective surfaces here and there will improve your space in unforeseen ways.

Taking care of your mirrored furniture

Everyday care of your mirrored furniture is fairly straightforward. Any glass cleaner will do as mirrors do not really stain easily, or at all in most cases. Sometimes even a simple washcloth will do. However, if you are putting your mirrored furniture in storage or planning a move, you may want to pay more attention to it. Luckily, if you are moving anywhere in the USA, you will be able to hire movers to help you with tricky pieces of furniture like your mirrors.

Say you are uprooting your family to move out of Florida, for example. Whether you believe in the seven years’ bad luck superstition or not, you do not want to start your new life with some of your prized possessions shattering into pieces. Leaving Florida for good without breaking the bank (or your mirrors) is possible by finding the right movers. They will help you pack up your mirrored furniture the right way and ensure nothing happens to it.

5 reasons to buy mirrored furniture

  1. The illusion of space

The first of the 5 reasons to buy mirrored furniture is probably the most obvious one. Strategically placing mirrors in your rooms will give the illusion of more space. Much like using white on your walls or having lots of light, mirrors will make even the most cramped of spaces feel roomy and light. Besides places where you need a mirror for its primary function, such as hallways, bathrooms or bedrooms, a mirror can work really well on the wall behind the sofa in the living room, or on the wall next to your dining room table. You can pretty much treat mirrors like you would any other art pieces.

A living room with a large square mirror on one of the walls

A mirror on the living room wall will make your space seem much larger.

If you do not want to put up any more mirrors on your walls, opting for a mirrored cabinet or a wardrobe with some mirrored doors will also make your space appear larger. A mirrored cabinet underneath a window can have quite a powerful impact on a room. These examples would fit in perfectly in any of the rooms in your home.

  1. Let there be light

What makes mirrored furniture a great addition to any interior is the simple fact that mirrors reflect light. This is particularly useful for small city apartments which can often feel quite claustrophobic and dark for lack of natural light. Having a piece of mirrored furniture in each of your rooms will ensure your place feels lighter and airier. This is not just a daytime perk, either. Your space will be infused with lovely light reflecting from your mirrored furniture in the evenings as well. A beautiful lamp shedding warm light in your living room or year-round twinkle lights will provide you with even more charm if they reflect in mirrors.

A hallway or small wardrobe with mirrors on both sides and a long cabinet

The light reflecting off of mirrored surfaces will make any room lighter.
  1. Mirrors are a lasting investment

The most practical of the 5 reasons to choose mirrored furniture is its durability. This may seem counter-intuitive as glass is usually considered incredibly fragile. However, mirrored furniture is a lasting investment in most cases. The strength of the furniture prevents the mirrors from breaking easily and mirrors themselves are quite resistant to scratches. Not only that, but they do not really fade or dent easily, and all stains are simple to remove. These are all typical problems people have with wood or metal furniture – the older they are, the more their age shows. This is simply not the case with mirrored furniture.

  1. Mirrored furniture is very low-maintenance

Not only do mirrors keep their shine longer than any other furniture, but what makes it a great addition to any interior is the fact that it is really easy to maintain. Wood or metal will often require special care when it comes to cleaning. The same is true of other materials too. Not taking appropriate care of some of your pieces can lead to lasting damage. Mirrors, however, are very simple to clean, unlike glass light fixtures, for example. All you need is your typical glass cleaner and a cloth. The mirrored surfaces will be as good as new in a matter of minutes.

A bottle of glass spray mid-spritz

Mirrors are very easy to maintain.
  1. Easy on the eyes

So far, we have covered the practical benefits of having mirrored furniture. However, the final one of the 5 reasons to choose mirrored furniture has to do with its aesthetic. Depending on the kind of frame you pick for your mirror or the style of the piece, mirrored furniture will add a touch of elegance, decadence or simple whimsy to your space.

small glasses and a glass vase with a large flower with part of a large mirror behind it

Mirrors easily make any space more sophisticated and elegant.

They are also a nice design hack for when you are unsure about color or shapes you want to add to a room. Mirrored furniture goes well with everything and it emphasizes the existing vibe of a place. In some cases, it will provide minimalist simplicity, and in others, an easy touch of design opulence.

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