As the bedroom isn’t a room commonly on show for guests, it can be neglected during revamps. But with it being one of the rooms you spend the most time in, you should really love the space you’re sleeping and winding down in. But without getting the paint out and completely remodeling the room here’s a look at 5 ways to refresh your bedroom look and feel in 2020.


The simplest and likely most affordable way to update your bedroom is to buy new bedding. Think about your color scheme and the new one you plan to change to and make sure the new cover incorporates it! The bed in any bedroom is the centerpiece and creates the ambiance so it’s important to get it right for a new style. You can also take it a step further and update the feel too. Buying a new duvet and pillows isn’t the most tempting area to address in the bedroom, but it’s a great way to give you that luxury finish you’re craving and make you fall back in love with a Sunday morning lie-in.


You should also think about decorative cushions for the bed too, adding a little bit more of your personality to the room. But you should avoid going overboard, as you’ll find after a week of too many cushions they’ll likely spend more time being on the floor then decorating the bed!


What truly adds personality to a room is the features to choose to add to it, which can be a complete variety of things! Think about designer furniture and adding an armchair to a corner of the room can add an extra sense of comfort when you walk in. plus if you’re a fan of a late night read, it’s a nice little nook.

luxurious-bedroom-with chair

Vintage accessories and an old blanket check can also give the bedroom a homely finish if you have ample space to play with. Find some natural wood shelving and storage for a personal little display that’s for your eyes only.


Curtains are a room feature that people either love or hate to buy, but they can completely change the tone of a room depending on the style and color to decide on. For those who fancy and change in curtains – here are four great styles to think about:

  • Tab Tops

A popular style for bedrooms, the even tabs at the top of this style are more for decoration than function, so you can pick a design to fit your bedroom and even add blinds behind them if you want to reduce the light coming into the room, but buying blackout curtains might be less of a hassle. It’s a good choice for bedrooms that already have a curtain pole.

  • Pencil Pleat

A contemporary style that offers a simple finish to the bedroom. It includes long tight pleats from the top of the curtains that works in most rooms in the home, but you’ll find both plain and printed effects of the curtains will suit your bedroom, making it a statement choice for rooms that are a little more on the minimalist side.

long tight pleats from the top of the curtains

  • Goblet Pleat

A traditional style for a formal bedroom – if you have a Georgian or Victorian home that has higher ceilings this is a great design.  The top of the curtains have a cylindrical trim that covers the frame used to keep the curtains up. If you want the full effect look out for floral designs and thick rope tie backs, you’ll find most people who have these curtains like the clashing finish with the curtain adding contrast to the walls.

  • Pinch Pleat

The most innovative design that is gathering more popularity, the pinch pleat involves groups of 3 pleats at the top being kept together by the base. While the top of the pleats are kept together, the curtains as a whole fan out to give you a different shape and effect when compared to the other design (which are all fairly similar).


3 pleats at the top being kept together by the base

Most people don’t consider putting a rug in the bedroom, but for if you have laminate or hardwood in there it can add some warmth to the living space. You’ll always find it’s an easy way to add color to a plain carpet, find something to compliment the room and carpet and you’ll find yourself loving the idea. It doesn’t need to be big either – if you have a dressing area, a new rug is a great way to make the space feel sectioned from the rest of the room.


Not the cheapest idea, but recent years have shown an influx of new (and old) bed frames becoming popular. The boring divan style doesn’t scream comfort and you’ll find there’s much more choice with stylish storage and traditional frame shapes to choose from. If you’re not in the position to go all out with a new bed, you could also consider buying a new headboard, a feature that’s always certain to capture anyone’s eye and much cheaper than buying a completely new bed.



An essential part of every room that sometimes gets forgotten. Adding some new lamps and lighting to the bedroom can completely change your perception of the space. Bedside tables and floor lamps aren’t just a source of light now either, the designs you can find now are truly something you can make into the centerpiece of the room.

Author Bio:

Natalie WilsonNatalie Wilson is a freelance writer and avid decorator. She loves discovering home renovation blogs and Instagram accounts and spending her free time shopping. She aims to buy her own home in the next year and begin her very own renovation project! You can connect with her on Twitter @NatWilson976.


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