There’s definitely something to be said about a well-situated, well-designed, elevated or sunken living room. There are easy to manage best practices for one of the most used rooms in your home. Luxurious living room interior design isn’t always about the most expensive elements.

well designed sunken living room

It’s certainly possible to make your own living room look luxurious without spending a fortune. The focal point of your home and usually the first thing that visitors see, the living room must reflect your own personality and taste. You should consult Interior design experts who are available to show you living room design ideas that will make your interior design look more luxurious even with a limited budget.

Introduce Textiles

Introduce Textiles

A great way to transform your living room is to decorate it with unusual textiles with colorful high end carpets, throw pillows, area rugs, cushions, wall art etc. It’s not necessary to spend a fortune on these textiles. Browse vintage shops or flea markets to see if you can find an antiqued Turkish area rug at a bargain or search out secondhand vintage rugs that are in excellent condition.

Wnen you choose a textile like a rug, it should strike a balance with the overall style and color scheme of your current interior design. Look for pieces that have an interesting or unusual print. The unusual design of the textile will add a unique element to your space and will present it as more personalized and luxurious. Additionally you should amplify the coziness of your living room space by adding a bright textured throw blanket over a chair or sofa.

Add Sculptural Lines

Add Sculptural Lines

To make your room appear gloriously luxurious, you may want to add in structural elements to the room. Instead of the all too common circular or straight lines, look for unusual elements that project an interesting silhouette or go with pieces that have unusual shapes or design elements. Shapes are a key element to a luxury living room interior design because it can add a deep effect to the subconscious mind, so by all means incorporate as many interesting sculpture items throughout your living room as you desire, but it’s usually wise in smaller doses.

Interior designers promote the idea of surveying your living room first, and if you notice too many straight lines or sharp edges right away, then perhaps you should consider adding more round sculptural elements into your living room. You should  also avoiding a too cautious design approach to design experimentation with interesting visuals using shapes because they provide an  interesting focus in any luxury living room design scheme.

When considering sculptural shapes, there’s ample variety of directions you can go, from round seating to circular pendant lights, and unusual abstract wall art pieces, the possibilities are beautifully endless.

Hide Your technology

Hide Your technology

When browsing any luxury magazine or website featuring modern living rooms and you’ll surely notice that they feature very few to no tv’s or appliances. To begin with even a minimal flat screen is a waste of design space when turned off, and though they are probably essential, it’s obvious they are an eyesore. You probably don’t want to remove your television all together, so camouflage it. Nothing decreases the sophistication of a living room design than showcasing a huge television as a focal point.

Conceal your television in a camouflaged way, from mirrored doors to conceal it, to a false wall that slides – however, if the price is not practical, you can minimize the visual presence of your TV by designing art pieces or gallery wall over it. This probably won’t make your TV completely disappear, but it will make it somewhat seamlessly blend in with the gallery wall or artwork behind it while distracting the eye away from the TV. Make sure you conceal those unsightly cables and wires that could make your living room less appealing.

Large Scale Wall Décor ~ The Bigger The Better!

Large Scale Wall Décor ~ The Bigger The Better!

Displaying large-scale wall decor is the best living room design element that will make your living room look luxurious, especially when you are on a budget and like adding conversation starting design pieces. The best design approach is to add a focal point to give your living room that wow factor by displaying an over sized piece of beautifully framed wall art. There are lots of over sized wall art that even the lowest of budgets will be certain to enhance any space and will add a sense of sophistication.

When searching for your over sized wall art, designers usually suggest choosing pieces that have a wow factor major impact design, art that will make eyes drawn to it and spark conversations. If you are on a budget, look for flea markets, local bazaars, and thrift stores. Look for over sized pieces of art sold at lower or reasonable prices. If you are an artistic type, create your own original, oversize wall painting? Go ahead and inject your own unique personality into your living room design scheme.

Mix It Up

Mixing various materials and textures is a great way to approach your living room design

There’s fun to be found in texture, shapes and color in order to create the effect that you want for your living room. Mixing various materials and textures is a great way to approach your living room design to help make your room look sophisticated and elegant. Try to mix wood, leather, glass, and metals, with a mixture of various textiles and other design elements to achieve a gorgeous and inviting look for your living room.

A mixture of textures will make your designs look more luxurious, but be careful when mixing various elements that are dynamic into your living room. Be certain you carefully select each element and material and try to let each element mesh nicely together and will complement each other’s design. It may make your living room appear somewhat chaotic, which defeats the main purpose of a luxury living room interior design. You can also mix in velvet upholstery for a softer feel with the grainy texture of an earthy wood coffee table. By offsetting textures, you’ll create a feeling of depth within your design scheme that brilliantly evokes a varied mixture.

Display Treasured Heirlooms

Treasured Heirlooms

Nothing adds luxury more than a rare antique. An original patina that can’t be recreated by a modern furniture manufacturer. And, you don’t really need to spend a fortune on this, an effective method is to search for items at a flea market, thrift or discount store. Find something visitors will think you found it in a vintage shop in Paris.

Larger living room accessories such as over sized mirrors and bulky living room table lamps are great, but mixing in some smaller accessories will also add nice style. If you’re patient, you’ll find small sized antique boxes, antique picture frames, vintage wall sconces at vintage haunts. According to our interior designers, anything that adds vintage flair should do nicely. So keep your eyes open for discovering those items at flea markets because you may just find accessories that you can incorporate into your luxury living room design.

Keep It Open & Simple

Keep It Open & Simple

An over-accessorized living room design is simply not luxurious. As living room design ideas go, the furthest thing you want is to design a room that looks cluttered, messy and disorganized. So attempt to be as simple as possible when decorating your living room.

Tone it down and remove any unnecessary items. Keep those treasured elements that have sentimental value or evokes special memories. Remember a simplified and  well-organized living room is exactly what defines a luxury living room design.

Upgrade The Lighting


Lighting is the most important element that puts the finishing touches on a luxurious design. Add a sense of drama with various lighting fixtures, chandeliers, pendants, ceiling fixtures, table and floor lamps, as well as candles that provide various tones of accent light for the ultimate in luxury living room design ideas.


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