Bathroom Remodelling on a Budget, Is It Possible?

Renovation season is just around the corner, and although many Australian homeowners can’t wait to purchase new materials and transform their homes, for some people, the thought of spending thousands of dollars on a new bathroom isn’t that exciting. Installation of new tiles or fixtures can add to the cost, and unfortunately, threaten your financial security, which is one of the main reasons many homeowners tend to postpone their home renovation projects.

But what if we tell you that you can remodel your bathroom on a budget? There are many ways to fix the leaks, replace the tiles and give your bathroom a fresh look without spending a fortune or settling for a design you don’t particularly like. With that being said, here’s what you need to do to beautify your bathroom and keep your budget in line.

Pick a budgeting method

When starting a renovation project, most homeowners know how much money they can spend on a home remodel. Yet, it’s still essential to determine exactly how much you can spend on your bathroom renovation because then you’ll know for sure how to reduce your expenses. For starters, it would be best to consider how long you’ll be living in your house. So, if the answer is five years or less, you might want to invest a moderate amount of money. However, if you’ve just moved into a new house and want to transform it into a personal paradise, it’s advisable to make an investment because, after all, this may be your forever home.

Once you determine how much money you want to invest in your next bathroom remodel, it will be easier to find materials and bathroom furniture in your price range. In addition, learning how to budget your money is a great way to avoid unnecessary expenses, which is essential when the money is tight.

Plan ahead

Next, take your time to figure out what needs to be changed in your current bathroom layout and design. Changing your mind in the middle of renovation can be more expensive than hiring a professional to redo your bathroom, which is why you need to plan ahead and make no room for regrets. However, some in-progress changes cannot be avoided, such as when you discover a bathroom leak or mould and mildew under the tiles or plumbing fixtures. But, in most cases, you can avoid spending more by thinking everything through before you get the job done.

So, think about where you want to place certain bathroom elements and whether it’s time to say goodbye to that old bathroom vanity or fixtures. Then, instead of hiring a bathroom designer, you can design your own dream bathroom and create a layout that works for you.

Keep the footprint unchanged

Changing the bathroom footprint is usually more expensive than you can imagine. First, you’ll most likely have to get a permit to make alterations, and more importantly, you’ll have to invest more money in labour and materials. If you aren’t satisfied with your current bathroom design or need to change the footprint due to plumbing issues, you should go for it! But, if there’s no need for a remodel, you can choose to invest in simple changes that go a long way.

Paint the interior by yourself

Interior painting can cost you hundreds of dollars unless you decide to do it yourself. If you have enough time on your hands and don’t mind spending your entire afternoon in a bathroom, we advise you to give it a try. What’s even better is that you don’t have to be a skilled painter to get the job done. However, be sure to create a colour scheme and high-quality paint that matches your layout.

Although repainting the bathroom after you’ve realised that you don’t really like the way your bathroom looks isn’t that expensive, you’d still have to invest time and money to make alterations. So, be sure to make up your mind before you allow someone to pick up the right tools and give your whole bathroom a fresh look.

Protect your wooden floor

It’s a well-known fact that wooden flooring doesn’t belong in the bathroom. So, if you’ve moved into a house with wooden bathroom flooring, your first instinct may be to replace the current flooring with tiles. But, wait until we tell you that you don’t need to invest in new tiles to keep the floors intact or prevent mould and mildew from growing in your bathroom! Essentially, all you need to do is paint the flooring with protective enamel.

This option can save you a lot of time and energy, and if you don’t have enough resources for a full bathroom remodel, this cost-effective opportunity is here to save the day. Keep in mind that hardwood shouldn’t be your first choice when looking for new bathroom flooring, but if you already have this type of flooring installed in your bathroom, it’s advisable to try to keep it around for as long as possible.

Refinish your tub

In Australia, you can buy a new bathtub on every corner, and although we understand that seeing all those offers can make you consider investing in a new piece, there’s a chance you don’t need to spend hundreds on a new bathtub. The total tub replacement should be your last option, especially if you’re trying to renovate your bathroom on a budget.

So, what can you do? For example, relining or refinishing a bathroom will extend the life of your bathtub and remove surface imperfections such as scratches or even stains. On the other hand, you can use some touch-up products such as porcelain glue to repair minor imperfections, fix the leaks and hide stains.

Fix the leaks

No matter how much you invest in your bathroom remodel, if you don’t fix the leaks and similar plumbing issues, you might have to invest double at the end of the day. So whether you have to deal with a leaking bathtub, sink, or toilet, it’s recommended to stay focused on other aspects of your renovation while allowing professionals to take care of these issues. 

Your local Canberra plumber will take care of these issues and help you keep your bathroom in good condition. More importantly, a regular inspection of your plumbing bathroom fixtures is necessary if you don’t want to renovate your bathroom every few years. Therefore, be sure to hire someone who will fix the leaks and thoroughly inspect the pipes, and you will avoid costly renovations in the future.

Use lower-cost lookalikes

Investing in new bathroom materials may poke a hole in your budget unless you refurbish the existing bathroom elements. But, if you need new bathroom furniture or tiles, it’s recommended to purchase lower-cost lookalike materials. For example, instead of decorating your bathroom with a new marble vanity top, consider covering your bathroom vanity with marble contact paper.

If you want to go the extra mile to transform your bathroom into a personal haven, you can repaint your bathroom shelves and countertops and refresh your cabinets with new hardware. These simple alterations will help you save money in the long run and, more importantly, give your bathroom a quick revamp.


If you’re on a budget, we advise you to give these ideas a try because, after all, renovations should be exciting and fun. Many Australian owners want to find a way to renovate their homes without breaking the bank, and although it’s easier to hire a contractor and a bathroom designer to transform your bathroom, there are ways to give your bathroom a new look even if you’re on a budget. 

Indeed, you will have to invest more time and energy to find cheaper materials or complete some DIY projects, but at the end of the day, taking the matter into your own hands is a great way to save money for other expenses.


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