Coastal home decor ideas for every budget

Is there a person who does not love the look, smell, and overall feel of a beach? The beach and the sea evoke feelings of serenity and simplicity, so no wonder why so many people nowadays try to incorporate beach decor in their living spaces. The good news is that decorating your home in coastal design works for every budget. Whether you have 100$ or 1000$ in your pocket, achieving this look is relatively inexpensive and easy. You just have to know what to do and how to do it, and we are here to help you with that. We will give you some coastal home decor ideas for every budget. This guide will be full of DIY ideas that anybody can do easily and quickly.

Choose Coastal Colors

Let us talk about the three primary coastal colors – sandy beige, the light blue hue of the sea, and sun-bleached whites. But, nobody says that you have to stop here! You can also use colors such as vibrant sun yellow, pastel shore flowers, driftwood browns, dune grass greens, or pretty much any pops of color that resemble those umbrellas that brim with bright colors. As you can see, you can use any colors that remind you of the good times you spent on the beach and by the sea.

But, we advise you to keep things as simple as possible. Coastal design is famous for having white walls and colorful accents here and there. And, besides changing the wall colors to fit your coastal design, you can also change the color of your furniture and other household knick-knacks you have in your home and thus transform your living space completely. If you lack inspiration, do some ‘googling.’ The internet is full of coastal design ideas that will inspire you and make you choose the right colors.

A coastal-style living room.
Do not be afraid to experiment with colors!

Keep Things Uncluttered

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the beach and the sea? Is it the feeling of space and ease? If it is, then you are on the right track. So, to decorate your home in coastal style, we strongly advise you to keep things simple. Stay away from clutter and keep your rooms open and breezy. If you are redecorating, try to get rid of as many unnecessary items as you can. And, if you are moving to your new coastal home, be sure to bring with you only those most essential items you use in day-to-day life. Professional movers can provide you with all the help you need, but it is your job to figure out what furniture pieces and household items match the coastal vibe you are going for.

Use Natural Materials and Textures

Once you choose colors for your coastal home, move on to selecting materials and textures that will match it. Those should be any kinds of natural materials that, in a way, mimic the sea and all the nature that surrounds it. If you have enough money in your budget to buy designer furniture, go for it. But, you do not need expensive items to decorate your coastal home. What you can do is change the upholstery on your existing furniture – use cotton and linen for that. Or use woven materials from seagrass and bamboo. You should use these natural materials and textures in your entire home – for your furniture, rugs, curtains, pillows, throws, lampshades, table cloths, bed covers, etc. But, of course, be sure to match everything with the colors of your walls and pieces of furniture you don’t plan to replace.

A coastal-style living room.
Like with colors, feel free to experiment with natural fibers and materials too!

Get an Ocean View

It would be great if we could all pack up our bags and call Simple Moving professionals to help us move into our new beachfront home with a unique ocean view. But we can’t all do that. However, not having an actual ocean view is not the end of the world. Moreover, not having an actual ocean view is not crucial for having a coastal home. We live in the age of innovation and creation – use that to create your own view of the ocean wherever you are. Let us give you some inspiration. For instance, hang a picture with sea motives in a prominent spot or place wallpaper with coastal decor on an accent wall. Or hang coastal art on the wood above the fireplace, TV, or even sofa. You can also hang a surfboard or art made of seashells somewhere where it will draw attention from other people. Use coastal art to get inspired and create the best-looking coastal vibe in any room of your home.

The process of painting an ocean on a surfboard, an example of a coastal home décor idea.
Have a young artist paint you the ocean on a surfboard – a great coastal décor idea!

Add Coastal Accessories

Another fantastic coastal home decor idea for every budget is adding coastal accessories. Of course, if you have enough money in your budget, you can buy authentic pieces of furniture from your favorite coastal getaway. For instance, those can be mirrored pieces of furniture like coffee tables or lamps, woven knick-knacks like baskets and chairs, etc. But, who says you have to spend a fortune to bring a piece of that coastal vibe to your home. Just be creative. Bring figurines of the birds and animals you loved watching while you were at your favorite seaside place. And don’t forget corals and fish figurines that will remind you of swimming and snorkeling. Or, bring seagrass, which you can turn into beautiful hanging arrangements that will always smell like the salty sea. Your options are limitless when it comes to coastal accessories!

With a bit of imagination and some inspiration, you can come up with incredible coastal home decor ideas. They will transform your home into a peaceful oasis that will make you feel like you are on a permanent holiday.

Author Bio: Grace Collins

Grace Collins has been working as an interior designer for the last 15 years. Her work is primarily freelance, and she always focuses on providing her clients with one-of-a-kind designs. Grace also enjoys writing about renovation, decoration, moving, cleaning, decluttering, etc.


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