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Editorial Guidelines

At Daily Fun, we are proud of the quality content we deliver to our visitors. Our passionate writers create quality, original engaging content that is current, forward looking and inspirational. If you have any constructive criticism, please reach out by emailing contactus@dailyfun.us

Product Reviews

Our product reviews are based on research and customer feedback — we do not receive any payment compensation or consideration for any review based on the content of our recommendations.

Who We Are

We’re an experienced team of editors and writers who fervently try to find the best luxury products and services to enhance your home. As experts in Home Decor, reviewers have experience with brands such as Uttermost Home, Wildwood Accents, and Decorative Crafts—and we personally have a passion for the luxury lifestyle and the products and services that make that happen.

Our Mission

Is simple. The internet is a vast universe of millions of consumer product choices and services. It is overwhelming for anyone to even begin to figure out the where and what options. That’s where we fit in. We provide the research efforts and findings so you can make your best decision for what you’re looking for—with confidence!.

What We Do

We recommend luxury products and high quality services that enable you to consider the recommendations from our writers, as you consider their expertise in that specialized product or service category.

We have our head in the game when it comes to the latest luxury, from furniture and appliances to lighting and accents and much more. Our recommendations cover a wide spectrum for you to splurge-on.


Contributors to Daily Fun are independent contractor writers who create and post content on Daily Fun and our affiliated sites. Daily Fun requires that its writers maintain high ethical standards and adhere to all legal requirements, including (FTC) disclosure requirements. The contributors, and Daily Fun, are solely responsible for their own compliance with all of these standards. Contributors and other writers provide information and advice that is intended to be practical and honest and stand by and take full responsibility for their content, and this content is made available on Daily Fun “AS IS”. Use of Daily Fun Site is subject to the Terms of Use (including all disclaimers).

Why Us?

The product and services advice from Daily Fun is completely unbiased. We do not take free samples for reviews or from salespeople who would influence our content or product review. Instead, our reviewers do the heavy lifting by accessing a network of testers and experts to help you make an informed decision.

We want you to be confident that we’re providing you with the best expert advice possible.