Decorating tips for your new Virginia country house

Congrats – you’ve got yourself a new home! After the house-hunting and purchasing time is over, we get to the fun part – decorating. And we have some decorating tips for your new Virginia country house. The options are endless, and the choices are up to you. However, if you want a true country-style home, we’ve got some tips for you. Read our guide for inspiration, and make the first step of making your home your favorite place to be.

General guidelines for a country home décor style

Country homes in Virginia are all about greatness. But at the same time, they all must have a cozy feel. Terms and ideas related to these homes are comfortable, rustic, vintage, and relaxed. If that’s what you’re up to, this is a perfect guide for you. 

The colors – keep it neutral

When decorating your new Virginia country house, the colors you can go for are whites, beiges, and yellows. However, some worry that these tones may seem a bit dull. Don’t you worry! When picking colors from such a palette, you can create dimensions and depths with different tones, textures, and materials. That’s why we recommend pale shades for the walls – as they will accentuate wooden details and give it a spacious yet cozy feel. You can complete them with some soft blues and greens for a truly relaxing atmosphere and a calm vibe in the room.

The first of our decorating tips for your new Virginia country house – neutral colors and layering details will make the space cozy and inviting. alt.tag: house keys to your new Virginia country house

Brass details 

To make pale colors stand out, go for some brass details around your home. Those can be dresser handles, shower hardware, picture frames, or similar details. They don’t need to be expensive, but they will give just enough rustic shine and make other plain surfaces pop.

Wooden pieces 

Every country house should include some rustic wooden pieces such as a stool in the corner or in your bathroom. You can even try a decorative ladder that you can use to hang cozy blankets or magazines. Finally, make your dining room the central part of your home with a massive, country wood dining table and some interesting arrowback dining chairs or the ones with slipcovers on them. 

A massive, rustic dining table is the star of the room. alt.tag: a set dining table representing decorating tips for your new Virginia country house


The main focus of all decorating tips for your new Virginia country house should be making it comfortable and cozy. And one of the ways to do it is to use soft and warm materials for cushions or a comfy armchair in the corner. The fabric you use should have a pleasant feel – such as plush. And when it comes to patterns – choose floral, plaid, buffalo check, gingham, stripes, etc. It will give the home dimension and make the space quite welcoming. 


When it comes to light fixtures in a country house, you can go with many different styles here. As most of the house incorporates nude tones, natural elements, and colors, lights can be anything from large old-style chandeliers to modern pieces made of shiny materials in brass or gold. However, be sure to adjust the size of pendants and lamps to the size of your rooms, as bigger pieces require spacious rooms.

Old vs. New

Country houses in Virginia have that old look. However, you don’t need to go ancient or rustic for everything inside your home. Feel free to mix old and new to create a unique combination to suit your taste. It’s okay to use some vintage pieces and give them a new purpose – get creative!

What about the pieces from your old home? 

If your current furniture or other pieces don’t go well with your new Virginia country house, it’s best to replace them on time. If you start your moving preparations early, you’ll have time to sell those items and purchase new ones once you arrive in Virginia. Try organizing a garage sale, or use the internet to sell things online. However, don’t get rid of everything. Some pieces might have potential. You can paint them, change the hardware and adapt them for your new home. Just be sure to hire professional long-distance movers in Virginia if you need help with the transfer of such pieces. Long-distance moves can be tricky, so any bulky or fragile items should be treated with care.

Black wire elements 

Your kitchen will achieve that country house look if you incorporate natural materials, light colors, and some black wire elements such as wire baskets. They come in so many different styles and have numerous purposes. Keep your fruits, decorative pieces, spices, etc., there. It will incorporate this rustic feel into your kitchen! Also, the black wire can be an interesting element of your light fixtures or lamps, so be sure to keep an eye on such items.

Black wire and plants – a perfect combo!


Nude and natural colors go so well with greenery. Add plants all around your home to add that natural touch to every room. Big floor plants go well in the living room, succulents or hanging plants for your bathroom, and finally – potted herbs for your kitchen. Herbs can be kept in one-style terracotta pots and use black stickers on them and some white chalk markers to write the name of the plant. 

To make it even more fun, try some funny names for your plants such as Ain’t nobody got thyme for that, sweet chive of mine, Netflix and dill, or we’re mint to be. There are many possibilities, so be sure to add them to your new kitchen and make cooking fun!

Distressed furniture pieces 

What says ‘country house’ better than a couple of distressed furniture pieces. Chippy paint that makes the piece look old but charming will give a special touch to your living room. However, even though these look old, some items can be very valuable. That’s why you should handle them with care when moving into your new home. The experience of Fairfax Transfer and Storage pros shows that such pieces need to be well-protected, and if possible, dismantled before the transport. If you’re not able to do that, it’s best to trust someone with the necessary skills and equipment. 

Take your time 

Even with the best decorating tips for your new Virginia country house, it’s not always possible to do everything at once. This is your new home now, and you have all the time in the world to make it perfect. Turning a house into a home takes time, so let yourself enjoy this process as much as possible. 

Author’s bio

Charlotte Thompson is a blogger who enjoys discussing and writing about home organization, décor, and remodeling. She shares her ideas online but also tries them out in her own home. Travelling is her passion and the chance to collect new décor items each time she goes abroad.

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