Decorating your home after downsizing

Downsizing your home is a significant life change. It may come along with feelings of nostalgia that make it seem challenging. But it is said that downsizing your home means upgrading your life. Moving to a smaller house means more spare time to enjoy your favorite activities. The lifestyle changes that you will experience due to downsizing may actually be the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in your life. However, less space means less room for your belongings. This can be tricky for many people and the main reason to dread downsizing. Anyway, with a few good tips for decorating your home from scratch, you may indulge in the process and even discover a new hobby. So, here are a few handy tips for decorating your home after downsizing and maximizing your visual space. 

The benefits of downsizing your home

People move to smaller homes for many different reasons. For the most part, a smaller house has numerous financial benefits. When you downsize, saving up on mortgage payments and utility bills may actually make a luxury home design more attainable. Besides, a small place will take much less time investment in cleaning and running errands. Hence, moving to a small home offers you the chance to incorporate many lifestyle changes. From this perspective, you will have more time to do what you love. If you have a knack for interior design, tackling the task of setting up your new home will be exciting. The following points will give you some ideas on making the most out of your smaller place. 

A gray and brown living room with a fireplace
A smaller home has multiple time and cost-saving benefits.

Declutter your current home before moving

The first step to creating a pleasant ambiance in your new smaller space is to get rid of clutter. Even if you can fit all of your possessions in your downsized home, it will make it feel crowded and not so cozy. Hence, create an inventory list and decide which items will be functional in your new home. This is an excellent opportunity to part with things you rarely use and leave junk behind to start fresh at your new abode. Remember, getting rid of junk when moving will be hard at first but it will feel so much more freeing once you are done.

At this point, you may start creating your strategy to maximize your new space. Give priority to multifunctional furniture. Consider which bulky items you can go without, and replace them with smaller ones. Decorating your home after downsizing will be a pleasant task if you move in with fewer unnecessary things. Instead of thinking about where to place or how to get rid of stuff, you can get down on styling your place and creating your ideal forever home. 

Give definition to your new space 

Regardless of the actual size of your new home, a good floor plan will help you organize the space and turn it into a functional and stylish place. With modern interior design, you will get the best out of each inch available. To get you started, anchor the furniture first. Each piece should be placed in the room with a corresponding purpose. This will help you define the areas and visually determine their usage, even if your rooms have a dual purpose. For instance, place the dining table under the chandelier. On the wall parallel with the table, you can anchor the buffet. This works well if you have an open space floor concept and need to define your dining room – living room area. 

Focus on centering your artwork in the defined spaces. Decorative elements such as wall art and table lamps along with the furniture will aid in dividing the space. 

 A living room and dining room
Anchor your furniture and light fixtures to effectively define the space.

Use mirrors for decorating your home after downsizing 

Mirrors are a timeless interior design tool that can fulfill practical and creative objectives. Thoughtfully chosen and well-positioned wall mirrors will visually amplify the space in your small home. Thus, style your place after downsizing with the help of a few pieces of these reflective accessories. You will give style and elegance to your space and enhance the feeling of light and volume. 

Stick to neutral tones

Light colors are the ideal choice for decorating a small place. Walls painted in tasteful neutral hues will open up the space and render it a soothing atmosphere. Too much color creates visual clutter. Decorating your home after downsizing and achieving the desired effect has much to do with the choice of colors. Simplicity is the key to elegance. Thus, choose one to two accent colors to give depth to the space. Also, avoid dense patterns as they make small spaces appear messy. Instead, keep it simple, and decorate with statement accessories, such as table lamps and wall art. 

Transform your home with light 

In the world of interior design, lighting is everything. The choice of lights in your downsized home will not only help you expand the space but define the ambiance as well. Hence, don’t rely solely on overhead lighting fixtures. Invest in stylish pieces such as floor lamps, and render your living space with warmth and an inviting atmosphere. Use lamps and light fixtures in multiple areas of your home. Lamps have great aesthetic value, apart from being a functional element in every home. The choice of a light bulb can make a big difference, as well. To achieve a warm, cozy ambiance, choose bulbs that cast yellow light over blue, as the latter is less inviting. 

Lighting is among the first things you should consider sorting out before moving into your new home. To easily organize your moving process, consult with experts such as those at Slattery Moving and Storage. Besides the logistical part of moving, they will assist you with storage solutions for some of your possessions until you figure out the final layout for your new home. 

A white and brown living room decorated with table lamps
Incorporate lamps and light fixtures when decorating your home after downsizing.

In conclusion

Moving into a new home is always an excellent opportunity to showcase your creativity. Decorating your home after downsizing can be exciting, as it gives you a clean slide to create a harmonious living space. Thus, the points mentioned above will provide you with the lead on achieving elegance and functionality in a small space. The wrap-up is to stick to simplicity. Bright colors, mirrors, and lights are the magical combination to create a cozy nest. 

Author bio: 

Helena Smith has been working as a freelance interior design consultant for the past five years. The solutions she offers to her clients are focused on functionality and aesthetics. She has a background in hotel management and enjoys photography and reading in her spare time. 

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