Fifteen Cool Lighting Ideas for Your House

Whether you have just moved into a new home or are thinking of sprucing up your old space, using lights in an inventive way can completely revolutionize your flat or house. It’s recommended to use lights differently in different parts of your home to make every room have a different feel. In this guide, we will outline fifteen different lighting ideas and explore whether or not they are the right choice for you. Read on below to see which awesome lighting ideas we have chosen. 

Art Deco Lamps

For an old-school, Parisian-style look, we would recommend using some art deco lamps. A modernist yet timeless option, they bring flair and class to anywhere in the house. They are the perfect option for a living room or salon for welcoming guests to your home. If you have the money, why not splash out on an antique from the 1920s or 30s, making your space the envy of anyone who visits!

Neon Lights 

For an urban, vibrant feel that transforms parts of your house into the coolest nightclub in town, you can’t go wrong with neon lights. A common fixture in many city centers especially places resplendent with advertising, bars, and after-hours clubs, neon lights — evoking both classic cityscapes and pointing toward the future — work best in the kitchen or dining room, transforming your home into an extremely fun place to socialize. Best complemented by installing a bar in the same room.

LED Lights

If neon lights are too bright for you, the second-best option for creating a similar type of vibe has to be an LED light. A soft white light can brighten up your room in an unobtrusive way, complementing the feel of your room without taking up too much space. 

Kitchen Pendant Lights

When designing your kitchen’s look, opt for the style and swish of a kitchen pendant light. They are often deployed to swing just over a kitchen countertop or a kitchen island; they cast a bright and sunny feel over your culinary space, allowing you to focus on your cooking tasks. 

Illuminated Shelves 

Make reading fun and pleasurable again with illuminating shelves. By putting smart and stylish lights under your bookcases, they will invite you to take an old or new book down as well as providing a cool reading space. For even better co-ordination of your shelves, try using color coding for different objects. 

Smart Lighting 

For better control over the look of your house, why not invest in some smart lighting options? Being able to change color, turn off or on depending on who is in the home, or even being controlled by voice activation, they are a cool novelty for anyone visiting and a perfect option if you want to change the mood quickly.

Modern Chandelier

Once upon a time, chandeliers were the province of the rich and famous. Not anymore! You can invest in a modern chandelier, providing glam and beauty in your home, for relatively cheap now! Perfect if you want an attention-grabbing centerpiece for your living room or dining room. 

Fairy Lights 

For a magical feel, fairy lights are a fine choice. These are a particularly good idea if you want to save both time and money, as they are relatively inexpensive and can be installed in no time at all. String them up wherever you feel! You can even get battery-powered lights, so you don’t need to worry about putting them up near a plug socket, making them perfect for anywhere in the house.

Festoon Lights 

To give a 1950s, fairground or café feel, invest in a large glass globe, better known as a festoon light. Perfect if you want to host a magical party or large dinner, they provide inspiration, romance, and so much more and can be strung up at a relatively reasonable price. 

Naked Lightbulbs 

A bright and naked lightbulb is a conduit for hard work and inspiration, evoking a classic hipster-cafe look. They can be hung from the ceiling, allowing for a raw and unfettered feel to your apartment or house. 

Floor Lamps

Easily light up your home with the relative ease of a floor lamp. Perfect if you want easy access to turning lights on or off, floor lamps can illuminate dark corners of any room, creating a pleasant feel. For a great variety of lighting options, we would recommend checking out the selection over at

Ceiling Lights 

For a functional aesthetic, a ceiling light installed directly into your ceiling is never a bad idea. One great advantage of ceiling light is that it doesn’t take up much space in your home, freeing up additional room for other objects. 

Swinging Arm Wall Lamp

Originally created for hotel bedsides, a swinging arm lamp provides a fun lighting option that can be adjusted and moved at will. It’s simply perfect as a late-night reading light for the bedroom. 

Large Table Lamps

A large table lamp is perfect for dinner tables, kitchen tables, or even just for aesthetic value in other rooms, providing a grand sense of illumination and old-world charm. You may find with this type of lamp, and you can avoid the need for overhead lighting entirely!  

Low-Hanging Lights

Like festoon lights and kitchen pendant lights, a low-hanging light can come down to your level, providing direct illumination that is perfect for conducting hard work and quickly giving your home a trendy cafe feel. 

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