Florida home staging tips and guidelines

You might think that staging a home in Florida is not necessary because – it is the Sunshine State! But in a competitive market such as Florida’s, home staging makes a big difference and sellers shouldn’t underestimate it. Sellers have a choice between hiring home staging professionals and a DIY option. The following home staging tips and guidelines are for those who are ready to show off the advantages and mitigate the disadvantages of their home.

Why is home staging important?

Home staging is a marketing tool sellers use to make their home more attractive to potential buyers. The better the home is staged, the more buyers it appeals to. Thus, the whole point of staging is to sell your home for more money and as quickly as possible. The process has developed over time and the practice now involves affordable home improvements and numerous tips and guidelines for sellers. Of course, it is not necessary to apply every single one. After all, that won’t be financially feasible.

Spacious living room with plenty natural light.

However, there are things that every seller should consider and implement. Most importantly a seller must:

  • store away excess furniture and art
  • repair any house issues
  • clean and de-personalize 
  • decorate and go the extra mile to set an inviting ambiance

Another benefit of staging is creating a comfortable atmosphere. Home staging doesn’t just decorate the house. It helps potential buyers imagine living there and entice their imagination, something an empty dwelling can hardly do.

Start by removing excess

Nobody wants to see stacks of things and rooms clogged with furniture. Homebuyers need a fresh start and the seller must speak to that part of the buyer’s psyche. It is not the size of the house that is crucial but how you present it. To show off its potential, you need to boost the freedom of movement by removing surplus furniture. Liberate the walls and large surfaces like tables and countertops. Any accessories or pieces of art you leave need to accentuate those surfaces, not hide them. 

This first stage of preparation for staging will make you dispose of items you no longer use or need. You can find an affordable storing unit in Miami for safekeeping of the items that you plan to move to your new home. Make sure that you empty storage space in the house and show it off to the potential buyers. Nowadays, storage sells, and an organized storage space must be properly presented.

Clean bathroom without personal cosmetics is ready for home staging.

Repair and fix

To get better prepared for staging, you need to know the things buyers are on the lookout for. The first buyers notice is house maintenance. It should go beyond mention, but major issues must be fixed and repairs conducted for a buyer to even consider visiting the house. Once that is settled, smaller fixes are on the schedule. 

You might notice that, once you remove your paintings or shelves, your walls need a fresh coat of paint. Even if the walls aren’t discolored and paint isn’t chipped, refreshing your walls with a layer of neutral all-appealing color is well advised. Depending on the state of your kitchen cabinets, you should consider replacing them or just refurbishing the fronts.

Thoroughly clean and put away personal belongings

Once all the repairs are made and surplus disposed of or stored away, you can focus on cleaning and decorating. If good maintenance makes buyers feel safe, a clean home makes them even more inclined to make it a part of their lives. Deep cleaning doesn’t have an alternative. If you want to impress buyers, your home must be sparkling clean. Note that cleaning your glass light fixtures, kitchen appliances, ceiling fans, window sills and blinds, vents and drains in your kitchen and bathroom greatly contributes to the looks.

Cleaning also applies to your backyard and curb. Curb appeal is a huge asset and you should point your attention to details. You should take care of everything from landscaping and yard furniture to the walkways and mailbox. If a part of your entryway needs power washing, don’t hesitate.

Clean and well lighted kitchen.

Finally, but not less importantly, you should make sure that your taste doesn’t show. The home you are staging for sale should appeal to as many buyers as possible. While people interested in your current home may like the bold colors or extravagant pieces of art or furniture, bear in mind that buyers want to imagine their furniture and their life in that home, not yours. 

Staging is supposed to help them imagine their future, not your past. If you can’t look objectively at the home you have lived in for so long, ask a few friends to give you their opinion. There is nothing wrong with being attached to your belongings or home. However, it doesn’t help in selling it to others who prefer a clean slate.

Show how life in your home can be great!

Decorating and setting an atmosphere for staging is the cherry on top. And there are many simple ways to make your interior look more luxurious with modest effort. Also, nothing evokes good memories and make people relaxed like scents. However, you shouldn’t overdo it, as potential buyers may be allergic. If you have a garden, bring in some freshly cut flowers inside and show off. You can put a tray with coffee cups on the kitchen counter and place a tealight candle in a little bowl filled with baked coffee beans. Lighting the candle will fill the kitchen with a subtle and inviting scent of coffee that will also absorb other odors.

Don’t hesitate to let the sun in and present your home in the best possible light. People relocating to Florida expect sun and warmth and that is what your home should offer, too. Pull your drapes back to allow more natural light in. Turn on all the lights and don’t save on the watts. Your lightbulbs should have a power of 100 W, optimally. 

As the last touch, prepare bite-sized snacks and refreshments for buyers. Even looking around properties is straining. Select bites and sips will replenish some of the buyers’ energy and invite them to browse your home further. Be aware that your home is not the only staged home in the market and that it needs to stand out. Most importantly, it should motivate the visitors to stay.

Author’s bio

Amelia Campbell is a part-time writer interested in all things related to real estate and home improvement. During her time with miamimoversforless.com she has learned a lot about the process of relocation and hopes to implement it in her future writing. Amelia’s hobbies include cross-stitching and playing with her nieces.

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