For your vanity only – vanity room decor

Mirror, mirror on the wall…who has the most beautiful decor of them all?

Ah, the vanity. People say it’s one of the deadliest sins. Yet, it tastes so sweet. So sweet it deserves a room of its own in your home. 

Every modern girl deserves a corner where all the vanity will shine in all of its glory. A beauty room where you have all the necessary essentials. Where you can be yourself and enjoy your beauty, explore the new makeup looks and enjoy your beauty routine. Self-love goes first and it deserves a beautiful shrine to match.

A decadent or baroque piece of heaven, perfectly secluded in the comfort of your room needs to be your own oasis of peace. 

Vanity room design should be over the top, of course, and we have sweet, sinful and stylish notes that will match the theme perfectly….

Mirrors. Everywhere

What celebrates vanity better than admiring your own reflection over and over again. That is why the center of your own beauty shrine should be your mirror. The bigger the better. But which style to choose?

Yes, you can go with a plain wall mirror but where is the fun in that?

Play with different styles. Also, add the color or gold to add a dash of luxury to your overall look. Maybe you want to get the vibe of a princess in the enchanted forest? Take for example this gold tree branch mirror – it is like something straight out from an epic fantasy series.

You want to spice up your beauty corner with a dash of orient? With this oriental looking mirror you will feel transferred instantly to some more exotic part of the world. For better effect, use scented candles with exotic aromas.

Want to feel like a Hollywood icon? Opt for a classic vanity mirror but play with different lightings to make you feel like you are in the backstage of ‘’Casablanca’’.

If you are a type of girl that thinks of baroque or rococo style when someone mentions vanity, get this interesting baroque mirror.

Take your place in the spotlight

We already mentioned taking the spotlight. Natural light is always the best option to enjoy your natural beauty, soaked in gentle rays of sunlight. Yet, you can always play with the light. Lighting plays the major role when you are experimenting with your makeup and of course, taking that perfect mirror selfie. 

Options are different – you can go for a more romantic atmosphere and opt for candle light and find a perfect candle light wall sculpture that will look elegant and it will give your room a romantic vibe.

If you are not into dim candle lights find interesting floor lamps that will match your fabulous vanity room style. For example this  Penbrook Silver arc Floor Lamp that resembles peacock feathers. It will inspire you to to flaunt with your beauty and feel confident enough to share it with the rest of the world

Glitz and glam everywhere

You want to keep everything in order and tidy. For example you can buy an antique drawer where you will keep all your makeup and antique boxes where you will keep your jewelry. Leave your surface clean with a mirror and a few interesting details that will look elegant and not overstuffed. 

Pink roses, white orchids…  those are just enough floral details to make your environment more vivid.

When you are choosing a perfect chair – think smooth and shiny velvet. Since this is your own personal space you want to enjoy your little piece of heaven in silence. Use acoustical panels that will keep all the outdoor noises far from you so you can focus more on your beauty routine.

Color palette should be gentle, feminine. You can never make a mistake with white. But we encourage you to play with styles and design. For example, find an interesting carpet with a dash of animal print. It is your own ultimate feminine cave. You can do anything.

Hollywood icons for inspiration

The Golden age of Hollywood is an inspiration for most of us. There were so many beautiful actresses from that age, famous for their timeless beauty. They can help you decorate your own beauty corner and remind you that the true beauty never dies.

Let’s take for example Audrey Hepburn. She was a natural beauty with a kind personality and large Bambie like eyes. Her life story was extraordinary. This can remind you that you can achieve your dreams and still be kind, polite and so fragile.

Blondes do have more fun and Marylin Monroe proved that. Remember that famous pop art picture of Marylin in different colors? That style goes everywhere. You can hang their framed image or write their famous quotes to empower you every time you look at your reflection.

Stylish details 

You want to feel like a Hollywood diva, a Venetian beauty or you want your beauty corner straight from the Versailles castle?  

Baroque and rococo style drawer is still one of the most popular but for example, you can have a glass table and feel like a modern day Cinderella. 

You can go minimalistic or you can organize your entire makeup arsenal on the shelves and spark creativity for new makeup looks by looking everything in one place. Your face is a canvas, so grab your makeup brushes and start creating magic.

But before, create a vanity room design where magic will happen. Hope you like our design ideas.

Jason is a business consultant with a passion for writing. Doing his research, exploring and writing are his favorite things to do. Besides that, he loves playing his guitar, cooking, and traveling.

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