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Enhancing the look of your home with a designer piece of furniture is a costly venture, that can be well worth the investment if you do it right. These pieces are often the ones to take the center of your home, and should thus be chosen with great attention and care. You will find the following guide to buying designer furniture to be of great help for this particular situation, so make sure to go through it before making a purchase.

Measure twice, cut once

While there will be no cutting involved in this process, the significance of measuring still stands. Namely, finding a piece of furniture that you simply adore, taking it home and realizing it does not fit in your space is an experience you would most certainly want to avoid. When acquiring this luxurious piece of art, you want to make it work with your home, bring the place together, and make a statement. And the best way to do it is to ensure that the piece will fit perfectly.

A living room that is nicely put together

When buying designer furniture, you want to get a piece that has a practical use, because that too will bring beauty to the place.

So, make sure that you measure your home thoroughly before you go searching for the furniture piece. Apart from fitting in the room itself, you want to check that the piece will be able to pass through your door frame as well. It is an often overlooked precaution. Do not forget to bring a tape measure with you to the furniture store. That way you will know you are getting the right sized furniture for your place. Trusting your eyes alone here is not a strategy you should follow.

Be mindful of the color when buying designer furniture

While it is easy to get the incentive to buy designer furniture in bold colors, you should know that it may not work so well in practice. You do want the piece to be prominent, but you should also make sure that it blends seamlessly with the room you intended it for. Otherwise, it may look tacky, and we are sure that it is not the look you are going for.

When in the furniture store, ask the supplier for a fabric swatch that you can take home. You want to check out how the print or color will look in your home’s lighting. In addition, you want to ensure it goes well with the other materials and colors in the room. Mind you, we are not advocating for complete avoidance of radiant, bright or eccentric colors. The goal is to make it work well with your home. The piece itself will stand out for the quality of craftsmanship, design and overall look.

Livingroom with a white couch

Even with minimalist style and pale colors, a designer piece is bound to be the predominant one in the room.

See the piece in person before making the purchase

This advice stands for those of you who are shopping online. The item you see on the screen can have a whole different look in your home. And while this may not be a problem if you are ordering something cheaper, when buying designer furniture, you want to know exactly what you are getting. For example, buying simple bedside lamps online is a purchase that can sustain certain variations when it comes to the size of the product. However, if you are looking for a designer crystal chandelier that will take the center of your dining room, you have to ensure it will be just the way you want.

With that in mind, before making an online purchase, find out whether you can see the item in person beforehand. Otherwise, if the store you are buying from does not offer replacements or refunds, it might be best that you find another place to shop from.

Think outside the box

Say that you are looking for one long, standing mirror, but have fallen in love with a particular hand-blown glass lamp that will not work so well in your hallway. Do not give up on that piece just yet. When buying designer furniture, you should, first and foremost, get the item that you like. Sometimes, this means thinking outside of the box and playing with your interior arrangements. Perhaps you could find a place where the piece would fit in perfectly. It would just take a bit of shifting of your current furniture.

A room with interesting table lamps

Give a chance to the pieces that you may not have originally planned for. They might even work better than your initial idea.

Keep in mind though, if fitting a designer piece takes moving your entire luxury home, it is probably not the wisest purchase. If this is the case, try to find something similar that is easier to work with. You are bound to find the perfect piece, sooner or later.

Do not rush your decision

Impulse buying is rarely a good idea. This is especially true when buying designer furniture. Unlike simple purchases that include a new pair of shoes or other minor accessories, when getting something as big and as significant as a piece of furniture, you want to devote extra time, care, and attention to your choice. After all, this item is likely to adorn your home for many years to come. So, take as much time as you need when making your decision. See that the piece goes well with your personal style and preferences. Ensure that it fits your home and that it has a purpose. Even if it is wall decor, make sure that its use is in the beauty it gives to your place.

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Maxwell Kozlowski is the owner of a small art gallery that also works with companies such as  divinemoving.com and advises people on how to set up their homes. In his free time, he loves to play with furniture design, make play stations for his two cats, and experiment with Asian cooking.


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