Guide to choosing furniture that doubles as living room storage

A living room is the center of a home. This is where you spend time with your family, relax, entertain guests, and maybe even work. To organize the space and minimize clutter, you will need multifunctional furniture and a bit of inspiration. Whether you are redecorating or you’ve just moved into a new place and are on the lookout for tips to make it your own, this guide can help you effectively pick the furniture that doubles as living room storage.

Best pieces of furniture that doubles as living room storage

When you move into a new home, you are surely excited to decorate and personalize your space. You have a blank canvas that waits to be made into a piece of art and your safe haven. A challenge that often presents itself is integrating storage into your decor to make the place both stylish and functional. This is where furniture that doubles as living room storage helps! Using the following pieces can help make your living room beautiful and practical.


Many people wonder – can you put a dresser in the living room? Yes, you can. And you should! A dresser is a great piece to add because it contributes to the room’s uniqueness while serving as much-needed storage space at the same time. All odds and ends lying around your living room can be put away in the dresser’s drawers. You will finally have a place for the extra remotes, cords, blankets, and kids’ toys. You can even put your TV on it!

A living room with a TV on a white cabinet surrounded by shelves.
A TV unit can serve as a great multifunctional corner.

Entertainment units

It’s pretty hard to imagine a living room without a TV. An entertainment corner is usually the room’s focal point, and a well-crafted one can be just the statement piece you are searching for. Entertainment or media units are much more than just TV stands. If you add shelving and cabinets, they can provide plenty of storage space for all the gadgets, appliances, accessories, books, and pictures. 


A desk can be an excellent addition to the living room, especially if you are dealing with a lack of space and in need of a home office. You can set it next to a window, behind the couch, or in a separate corner. The drawers on your desk can serve as storage, and you can even add decorative pieces to it such as lamps and candles. 

 A home office corner by a window.
The perfect place for a work desk in your living room is next to a window, with plenty of light to soak in.


A stylish cabinet or a hutch can make a big difference – it will allow you to keep some possessions out of sight and display the ones worth showing. Cabinets have excellent storage capacity, and you can even get a custom-made one to fit your space and needs. These pieces fit amazingly with both formal living rooms and more casual styles.

However, some might find the bulkiness of this piece problematic. If you are moving big and bulky furniture, it might be best to call professionals, such as Evolution Moving, to avoid damaging both your valuable pieces and your back. 

Coffee table

When it comes to coffee tables, your options are endless. No, really, they are! Many beautiful and unique coffee tables can enhance the look of your living room and add storage space, as well. They can come with drawers, shelves, or baskets that can hold your books, magazines, and knick-knacks.

A living room with a glass coffee table and two white couches.
For decorative purposes, place flower arrangements on your coffee table.

Here are some good options that offer both functionality and style:

  • Two tear coffee tables
  • Lift-top coffee tables
  • Nesting coffee tables

Customized wall units 

Vertical space in our homes often gets unjustly overlooked. By customizing every detail of your wall units, you can make the best out of the vertical space you have and add much-needed storage to the room. Vertical storage frees up usable surfaces from excess clutter and gives you the freedom to display objects decoratively. In addition to wall units, you can put up wall decor and add art pieces to make your space pop.


Shelves are incredibly useful in any room – they are practical and have the ability to make the entire space look more polished and refined. Some clever options you can use to gain storage space in your living room with shelving are:

  • Built-in shelves – an excellent solution if you have an extensive collection of books
  • Geometrical shelves – an eye-catching piece that adds storage room and visual appeal
  • Floating shelves – a prominent solution to break up a blank wall and visually divide the space; suitable for displaying lighter items
A living room with two couches, a table and built-in shelves.
Other than books, built-in shelves can serve as a display unit for decorative items, photos, and memorabilia. 


A mirror is a gorgeous and functional piece. It opens up a room, adds to the design, and can even double as living room storage. If you get a mirror with compartments, you can use them to store all the accessories that come in handy. You can even arrange a full-length mirror in the corner of your living room and utilize the rungs to hang folded blankets.


Ottomans are a perfect 2-in-1 piece  – they can provide both additional seating space and room for storage. They also make the space look cozy and chic. This is another excellent solution for storing all the blankets that clutter up the living room whenever we’re not using them. 

Window seats

If you have a large window, lucky you – you can build a window seat! This is an excellent example of furniture that doubles as living room storage. A window seat will enable you to enjoy the outside view and, at the same time, neatly store everything you don’t want to be visible. Because it uses the window space, it serves its purpose without interfering with foot traffic in a smaller room.

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Lily Newsome is a freelance writer who focuses on interior design. She is passionate about helping her readers find sustainable solutions for their homes while making them stylish and elegant at the same time.  In her free time, she enjoys being by the sea and going on long walks with her dogs.

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