Guide to Florida style home decor

Interior design has never been more vibrant than it is today. From many recognizable styles to less popular regional variants, the choice is wide and remarkable. But, the most beautiful interior designs are those that use trending styles with the addition of specific elements, making them even more distinguishable. The composition of Florida houses can’t be easily defined since it’s usually made up of several different designs. However, we will help you transform your place through features these houses are known for with this guide to Florida-style home decor. 

Inspirations for Florida style home decor

Homes in Florida have evolved in order to adapt to their environment. This particular style mainly consists of three concepts – colonial tropical, elevated beach house, and open style modern design. These houses are built to endure the harsh climate and make use of natural light. Every single one is different, but they all share a common feature – a warm and cozy vibe. Additionally, every home has a porch or a veranda and a sloping roof. These houses’ interior and exterior elements work in favor of optimizing their designs and making them perfect for warm coastal regions.

 A porch with a view
Porches are a staple in Florida homes.

The exterior

One of the most common features of every Florida-style home is the maximum utilization of the outside area. The decks, wrap-around porches, verandas, and pools are always given special attention, with comfortable rocking chairs, swings, outdoor furniture, and plants decorating these leisure places. Since these charming home exteriors and outside spaces can be seen in many Florida neighborhoods, you will undoubtedly be able to choose the best place for your family without much hassle.

Walls and ceiling solutions

Every interior design shows its best features through colors and light. And what better way to bring out the best in your home than by using neutral, light hues? They work with almost any design and are both a safe and sophisticated option. From eggshell to earthy pastels, these seemingly similar shades add plenty of variety to a home. Additionally, they are the perfect base for adding accents and patterns through decor and other interior design elements.

The neutral walls typical for Florida-style home decor are usually accompanied by high, concave ceilings with decorative wooden elements. The height helps keep the home cool, but most Floridians add ceiling fans to help maintain a pleasant temperature inside. However, when it comes to more luxurious houses, crystal chandeliers usually replace the fans. 

It’s all about letting the air and light in, and it’s no different when it comes to doorways. Most doors in Florida-style homes are double-hung or sliding to help the living space feel more open and fresh.

An open concept home
Combining bright and natural elements is typical for Florida style home décor.

Tropical décor and natural elements

Very often, the neutral base of Florida’s homes is decorated with tropical patterns. From palm tree paintings and fern cushion patterns to rattan and bamboo furniture, everywhere you look, you will be reminded that you’re in a tropical climate. Floridian homeowners love sand and sun, and they are not afraid to show it.

Nautical theme

The nautical decor has found its way to Florida-style homes as well. And by nautical, we don’t mean stereotypical anchors and seashell wall art. Instead, this is a more complex concept, which emphasizes blue and white contrasts in the best possible way. This combination provides a unique feeling of calmness with its clean design and decor. White elements, wooden furniture, and everything else that evokes ocean-like vibes are intertwined in this specific concept.

Blue and gray living room
A neutral base color with tastefully accented details will transform any interior design.

Geometric patterns

Timeless geometric patterns have found their way into many different interior design styles, and Florida-style homes are no exception. From upholstery and wallpapers to furniture, lamps, and rugs, geometry breaks the monotony in any concept. So, whether you’re planning to add a Florida-style touch to your home interior or stage your house for sale, you can never go wrong with choosing a bold geometric pattern.

Mirrors are more than decoration

Mirrors have always been one of the best ways to open up spaces and invite more light. It’s no different with Florida-style home decor, where reflections get a new dimension through sea or garden views. Mirrors can be an ideal alternative to wall art. But, mirrored surfaces have a broader purpose in interior design as well. There are plenty of benefits to adding mirrored furniture to your home, and the fact that they add a touch of luxury is just one of them.

A mirror, chair, and couch in a living room
A unique mirror will add sophistication to any home.

Fabrics that give warmth to every home

Using the right type of fabric can bring warmth and elegance to any design. Homeowners that enjoy the coastal interior theme have learned to use textile and patterns to bring out the best in such compositions. Completing the space with an upholstered sofa, patterned or neutral rug, rustic pillowcases, or linen lampshades is common in Florida-style homes. Still, window treatments are almost non-existing since heavy drapes and curtains don’t fit in with Florida’s climate. The light is always welcome here, but sometimes window shutters are present in colonial-style homes, while contemporary Florida-style homes often have blinds.

This design is always light and uncluttered, allowing an abundance of sunlight and sea breeze to circulate through the space. Every single piece of furniture is purposely curated in these homes. Most often, the pieces have details inspired by natural and modern elements. By following this guide to Florida-style home decor, you can include the comfort and coastal ambiance this specific style is famous for. And the best part is, most of these home improvements are very affordable – a bit of creativity and resourcefulness is all you need.

Author bio:

Joseph Campbell is an interior design enthusiast and freelance writer. He has been working with State to State Move relocation experts for the past 4 years. He enjoys yachting, golfing and painting. He is reliable and creative, but can also be a perfectionist and a harsh critic.

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