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Whether we like it or not, cleaning glass light fixtures is something that you’ll have to deal with. Especially if you choose to use them to spice up your home exterior. Since they are practically dust magnets, they can easily get dirty in a matter of days. And once they do get dirty, the light coming from them will get dimmed and the whole fixture will look ugly. Therefore, in order to keep your home presentable, you need to know how to clean glass light fixtures and how to keep them clean. Luckily, that is precisely what we are here to go over.

Having the right cleaning supplies

First things first. In order to clean glass light fixtures, you need to have the right cleaning supplies. Now, does that mean that you need to get some fancy cleaning agents in order to keep your light fixtures clean? Of course not. Having the right technique when cleaning them is more important than using fancy cleaning supplies. Some people opt for using window cleaners, which is definitely a viable option. But, in most cases, the benefits you get from using window cleaners will go unnoticed. So, all you need to have is a decent piece of cloth, a duster and your run of the mill soap. Anything above that probably won’t be worth the money spent.

Microfiber cloths used to clean glass light fixtures

A decent piece of cloth will be more than enough for you to clean glass light fixtures.


The biggest issue with light fixtures is dust. Since they emit light, the dust is clearly visible. Moreover, the electricity going through them might emit a magnetic field that will draw dust in. Therefore, in order to clean glass light fixtures, you first need to tackle dust. For this, we recommend a duster with an extendable handle. Some people have regular dusters and opt for using chairs or ladders to reach higher light fixtures. In our experience this is not the preferable option for the following reasons:

  • Safety issue – One of the most common ways people injure themselves is by falling from chairs or ladders. So, the more you use them, the bigger the odds are that you will hurt yourself.
  • Ease of use – It can sometimes be quite bothersome to bring out a chair or a ladder every time you want to dust. With an extendable duster, you can easily dust the higher light fixtures without needing extra tools.

Ideally, you should dust every week or two. Depending on how clean the air is in your room and how much time you spend in it, dust can accumulate at different rates. But, a weekly dusting should be more than enough to help keep your light fixtures nice and clean.

A girl holding a duster

An extendable duster will make cleaning high light fixtures a whole lot easier.

Deep clean glass light fixtures like a pro

Now, is dusting all you have to do in order to clean glass light fixtures? Well, no. Every couple of months, you will need to do a bit of deep cleaning. With dusting, you will collect a large percentage of the dust gathered on the light fixtures. But, and this is the key point, not all of it. A bit of dust will always remain. And, bit by bit, that dust will accumulate and become dirt. Alongside that, you have all the little bugs that will crawl into your light fixtures and stay there. And, since no amount of dusting can get rid of them, you will need to deep clean your light fixtures.

Removing the glass

So, how do you tackle deep cleaning? Well, the first thing to do is to shut off the light. No matter what you are doing in your home, safety should be paramount. Next, you need to remove the glass. For this, you will need a ladder or a chair in order to comfortably reach the higher fixtures. Avoid using luxurious furniture for this, as it can be unstable for standing on. Ideally, you want to go slow and only apply as much pressure as needed. Remember, some of these fixtures can be quite fragile, which is why you need to be careful when removing them.

cleaning a chandelier

You need to be extra careful when handling expensive light fixtures.

Furthermore, you want to keep them as level as possible once you remove them. Know that they are probably filled with tiny dead bugs that can fall out if you tip the fixture over. If this happens, you will have to go through the extra trouble of cleaning it up. So, do yourself a favor and go slow and steady.

Proper cleaning

First, you want to discard the large pieces of dirt and dead bugs. For that, you can simply empty your glass fixture into a bin, or use a paper towel to scoop up the dirt. Whatever is easiest. After that, you want to soak your glass in warm soapy water. Not hot, mind you, but warm. This is to make glass cleaning easier and faster. Once that is done you simply need to use a cloth to scrub your glass. If there is any residual soap, you want to wash it out with cold water and then wipe the glass and set it to completely dry. You can also wipe the light bulbs in order to remove the dirt, just don’t soak them. All that remains now is to put back the glass on the fixture, and you are done.


Make sure that your glass and light bulbs are completely dry before you put them back in.

Taking care of chandeliers

If you plan on having a luxurious home, you might have to deal with complicated chandeliers. Now, all that we outlined so far applies to them. But, they can be a bit more difficult to handle. In most cases, you will need to disassemble yours and clean each part separately. After that, you will have to put it back together and safely set it back up. This can sometimes be difficult and even dangerous to do, which is why you should consider hiring professionals to help you.

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