How to easily transition your seasonal décor

Everybody loves that feeling of renewal that accompanies the change in seasons. It means not only new opportunities but also fresh, innovative ideas. Just as our personal style changes according to the weather, we need to change the vibes in our home to accommodate different seasons. A few tips and tricks that we will mention will make for an easy transition of your seasonal décor.

Cozy, fresh, and natural

Colder months are the perfect time for cozy textures, deep neutral colors, and darker finishes. On the other hand, warmer months invite brighter colors and lighter linens. You can easily give your home a seasonal facelift, even with limited resources. It’s easy to update your home’s look, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Always strive to bring outside elements inside your home. Natural elements provide us with an exceptional feel. There is nothing better than a big bouquet of fresh flowers from your yard in the summer! Bring out a bowl of pinecones during the winter. Make a sweet nest from falling branches in the spring. Let your imagination run wild!

Flower bouquet
Always try to bring outside elements inside your home; fresh flowers are great seasonal décor.

Seasonal dining décor

Your dining room is the easiest one to decorate for different seasons. For example, chair slipcovers are cheap and easy to replace. Match your overall color palette in the dining room and kitchen for each season. Use green and gold colors for the fall and add red for the holidays. You can finish with a ribbon or some other decorative accent.

If you’re planning to buy a dinnerware set that will look equally amazing from one holiday to another, try to stick with neutral colors. Table linens can keep in line with whatever season you plan to celebrate. Adding a touch of silver or gold will be just enough for things to sparkle.

For example, a mirrored serving tray looks beautiful when you want to serve some snacks. It’s a perfect place to showcase the season.

Enjoy the lights

You can put a few candlesticks on the tables (placed on small circular mirrors) and add candles in different colors for each season. Complete the theme with napkins that match the candles’ color. Use red, green, or gold for the holiday season, and blue and white for summer (to represent the sea, sky, and openness).

Yellow candles in a holiday décor arrangement
Decorate your home with candles in different colors for each season

You’ll discover that possibilities are endless all-year-round! If you’re not a fan of candles, decorate your tables with some small eccentric buffet lamps to provide a glowing effect.

Seasonal fruit décor

Seasonal fruit is not only delicious, but it can also be a beautiful and elegant decoration in your kitchen. However, don’t just throw some bananas, apples, and grapes in a basket. Be creative, and depending on the season, put some accent pieces in the basket as well. It can vary from branches and leaves to nuts and flowers.

Beautiful accents 

Little extras can turn your home into something special for each season. Vases, baskets, and serving trays are the best choices to hold every seasonal element you like. When spring passes and you want to welcome summer, add few bowls full of shells to a couple of tables in your home. Try to add colors that represent the seasons. White “snow spray” makes for an excellent décor for your windows during winter and takes only a few moments to apply, as well as to remove.

Beautiful bright living room with blue accents as seasonal décor
Little extras will turn your home into something special for each season.

Creative door wreath

Select one from many door wreaths and place it for welcoming your guests. Even though it can transition easily from different seasons, it’s usually hanged from fall until the end of the holidays. The best choice is to choose something with many green and natural elements, like grapevine or laurel, for example. Search for blooms that can match different holidays. You can quickly change just a hanging ribbon to match it with a different period of the year. Wreaths are easy to make by yourself and affordable to buy pre-made.

Make it bright

Strings of light can add an illuminating effect to outdoor trees and any room in your home. Light strings can transition through different seasons well, especially those shaped like tiny metallic pinecones or gold stars, for example. Place a few lanterns on side tables or along stairways, and it will bring magical illumination to any occasion. You can swap your lamp-shades to easily match the seasonal theme and even get ones with printed motives. Also, an ornament tree with LED lights can serve as a perfect foundation for many holidays. Multi-color ambient lighting can also be an ideal tool for setting the mood – make your home “spooky” with dim orange lights for Halloween, make it feel fresh and bright during summer, or cozy during winter.

Chandeliers and crystal lamps are some of the pieces that are evergreen and don’t depend on the season. They can harmonize your space and make it look more sophisticated and elegant.

Seasonal scents

A lot of factors contribute to your home’s overall style. The scents are surprisingly influential when it comes to how you feel in your space. It will also play an important role for your guests. In the winter, use rich and warm scents like vanilla, cinnamon, and pine. In warmer months, use breezy aromas such as citrus and floral scents. Use candles, incense, or essential oil diffusers for a subtle but noticeable effect.

Essential oil near flower petals
Use different scents for every season.

Cheerful living room décor

You don’t need to buy a whole new set of luxury living room furniture to update space for different seasons. A few pillows for each season will do the job. You can switch your wall décor like wall art and canvas for Santa’s words of holiday cheer. Decorative pillows and blankets are great makeup for living rooms.

Sweet dreams

Seasonal decoration for our bedrooms isn’t time-consuming or costly. All you need to do is change your duvet cover, add a clean set of sheets, and give a final touch with decorative pillows. Have few different pillow covers in seasonal colors and motifs and change them out as the season changes. They’ll instantly refresh your home design.

Storing seasonal décor

If you have to put away boxes of décor at the end of the season, consider renting a storage unit to avoid cluttering your home. However, when you put your items in storage, don’t just throw them away randomly. There are many clever hacks to do this and maintain a well-organized storage unit, such as:

  • Making an inventory list
  • Use clear bins instead of boxes,
  • Putting large items on the bottom
  • Putting things you’ll need more frequently near the entrance

Enjoy each day in each season

If you have the opportunity to experience all four seasons in their unique beauty, consider yourself lucky and use that for your advantage. There are many fabulous ways to celebrate the change in seasons. Beautifying your home with seasonal décor is just one of them, but we’re considering it one of the most enjoyable ones.

Author bio:

Joseline Meyers is a retired Texas librarian. She has a hobby of decorating her home with DIY crafts and natural elements. She enjoys welcoming her big family into her home for each holiday.

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