How to make an ultimate decorating plan for your New Jersey home

We can all agree that a happy home equals a happy life, right? But, in order for us to have a happy home, a lot of things must work out. One of them is, of course, its decoration. So, how does one decorate a home to reflect his or her personal style? Well, inspiration can be found all around – in magazines, on the Internet, etc. There you can find everything from modern Asian style homes to luxury villas.

However, sometimes a person simply cannot visualize everything and does not know where to start. If you are one of those people, do not worry, that is why we are here. We will show you how to make an ultimate decorating plan for your New Jersey home that works. Thus, if you need some planning tips and tricks, keep on reading.

Leave Furniture Stores for the End

Have you heard of that saying – never go to the grocery store when you are hungry? Well, the same applies to furniture stores. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common mistakes. Most people start from there, and it usually leads them to bad decisions. They end up buying something they like in the store but usually does not fit in with the rest of the home as it is either too big, or its color simply does not match the general ‘vibe’. And then, they are stuck.

So, as previously mentioned, leave furniture shopping for the end! Look at the room you are trying to redecorate and see if there are any pieces of furniture you would like to keep. Make a plan that can be built around those pieces. Then, try to visualize what can look good next to it and what could make your life happier and more comfortable. Also, do not forget to measure and write down everything in a notepad.

decor room

While making a decorating plan, keep a measuring tape and a notepad always by your side. Alt.tag: A living room.

Decide on Your Budget

Creating a decorating plan for your New Jersey home requires a lot more than just furniture shopping, just as moving into your home requires a lot more than just calling professional movers like Gibraltar Van Lines. You need to have a plan, and every plan starts with the budget.

Try to take an afternoon off, and really decide on how much you are ready to spend on this project. If you spend a big sum of money on an antique coffee table or you buy some other piece of designer furniture, you may end up using your entire budget and having no money left for the rest of the room, or the home. This is something you should avoid at all costs. First, see how much money you are working with, then see what your priorities are. Once you take care of those, if there is some money left, feel free to splurge.

Formulate your budget according to your priority list! 

Measure Everything

Another mistake most people make when redecorating is buying furniture that does not fit in. There is ether a sofa that is too big, or a coffee table that is too small, or something third. So, why does this happen? Because one went to the furniture store without a proper plan and without proper measurements. Or, it happened because one was in a panic and shopped impulsively.

To prevent this, keep a measuring tape and a notepad by your side at all times. Measure everything you plan on decorating  – the length and the width of every room as well as the ceiling height. Also, do not forget to measure the items that are already in your room and that you intend to keep and mix and match with the new items.

A measuring tape.
When decorating your home, make sure you double-check all your measurements. 

Create a Floor plan

Now that you know your budget, priorities, and measurements, it is time to create a floor plan. This can help you have a bird’s eye view of each room in your home. Simply draw the floor plan using a pen and paper, and try to be as detailed as possible. Or, use one of many home-designing programs you can find online.

Create an outline of the space, preferably with precise measurements, and then start experimenting with the type of furniture and its placement. Make this floor plan while the furniture you plan on keeping is still in your home. That will help you imagine what pieces you need to buy. Then, later on, if in need of moving or storing delicate items, feel free to move everything into storage, a garage, or someplace third, until everything else is done.

Do not hesitate to experiment with different layouts. 

Plan the Phases

It would also be a good idea to create different phases when making a decorating plan for your New Jersey home. Just as mentioned earlier, if you have some ‘messy work’ that needs to be finished like repainting the walls, refinishing floors, replacing the windows and doors, do that first, and then worry about bringing in the furniture and all the knick-knacks. That is the key to making the interior of your home look more luxurious, minimalist, retro, etc., in the easiest and quickest way.

If you do everything at once, chaos is bound to happen. Not only will your home be in disarray, but your mental state as well. Thus, save yourself from that trouble and plan the phases of your redecorating project. Stick to your plan, and your New Jersey home redecoration project will be a success.

Author Bio: Selena Gabrini

Selena has been working as a moving company’s representative for the last 10 years. She specializes in helping people find the right kind of moving services. In her free time, she also writes blog posts about moving, home redecorating, and DIY projects. She is also a wife, a mother of two, and a dog owner.

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