How to make your office feel more like home

The modern lifestyle has brought about many changes. One of them is the way we perceive our office environment. Especially for those more ambitious among us, the office often represents a second home. Longer working hours have made it particularly important to feel comfortable and motivated at work. Pleasant lighting and tasteful wall art are just some of the ways to achieve this and make your office feel more like home. And while many people immediately jump to buying luxury furniture, there is so much more to redecorating your office. We bring you some of the possible solutions and a step-by-step strategy that ought to help. 

Good lighting can change your office atmosphere a lot.

Good lighting can change your office atmosphere a lot.

Get rid of the old

One of the basic principles of feng shui is to keep your home clear of clutter. Try to adopt this principle in your office too. Luxury office pieces? Yes, of course, but only after getting rid of the old ones.

Things that should go first: 

  • Anything that was there before you moved into the office
  • Items that make you feel uneasy looking at
  • Anything that is opposing your personality
  • Lamps that are too bright in color 
  • Too distracting pieces

So you got a broad idea from this example. Anything that doesn’t feel natural and is not in synchronicity with your personality has no place in your office. This is the rule, especially if you are looking to feel at home there.

Paint the walls afresh.

Nothing gives that galvanizing feeling of a fresh start as the newly painted walls. You don’t need to break your head too much about the color. White is always the ideal choice. Think of it as the perfect white canvas to be covered with your wall art. In combination with big windows and a lot of natural light, it will, furthermore, increase the feeling of the open space around you. Once you have this atmosphere, it is much easier to choose the appropriate wall decor and, for that matter, the rest of your interior.

fresh layer of paint

Start with a fresh layer of paint.

Lightning and crystal chandeliers

In case you are not that lucky to have enough natural lighting in your office, you can always compensate with a lovely crystal chandelier or some nice hand-blown glass lamp. Just make sure that everything is subtle when it comes to lightning. Avoid the feeling of artificial light exposure. Anyhow, you will need a few office table lamps for the late working hours. Be careful that those are not too bright as well because that can have the opposite effect of increasing tiredness on you.

Choose your style

Once you have your canvas, choose your style and the theme. Minimalist interior design is still in fashion, and it is an excellent choice for decorating your office. This style avoids unnerving and unnecessary clustering that affects your work performance. If your theme is an office that feels like home, be careful to maintain some boundaries. Make your office feel cozy- yes. But if you overdo it, it may lose the initial point.

Now you are ready to furnish

White clean walls, agreeable lighting, and the idea of your office style make the ideal place to start decorating. Choose elegant, but more importantly, practical furniture. For instance, double-duty furniture pieces are great for saving space. Next, you could decide on your furniture size. You definitely need a spacious office table and a cupboard that will support all your files, but everything else could be more compact. Choose eye-resting, matching colors. And use predominantly natural materials. Add a piece of some charming wall decor and a homey blanket for your office couch. It will not only break the feeling of a sterile environment but will boost your productivity too.

right furniture

Choosing the right furniture is very important.

In case you are moving your office.

Maybe you already have the whole office set and only need to relocate it. In that case, you could hire Detroit-based professionals to help you with the boring part of moving while you are choosing your new buffet lamps. Still, make sure that you are not relocating some useless old pieces unless they have sentimental value and make you feel at home. Remember, the whole point of redecorating is to feel better in your office. 

Bonus tips

Here are some bonus tips that can make your office redecoration more amusing and that will make your office feel more like home furthermore:

  • Take your favorite mug from the house– that will bring the feeling of your first-morning coffee to the office with you.
  • Put your bedside lamp next to your power-nap couch and rest like you were at home.
  • Take your kid’s drawing and frame it for the ultimate wall art.
  • Contact High Quality Movers Michigan and ask them for anything you want to know regarding moving your office.
  • Add a home plant or two to complement the natural look of your wooden pieces.
  • If your office is petit, buy a big mirror and place it on a sidewall. This will create the illusion of a bigger office. 
plant to make your office

Bring a plant to make your office feel more like home.

Finally, everybody’s perception of “what feels like home” is different. The main thing is to stay true to yourself and not to force anything that doesn’t make you feel good in your office. High-quality furniture and tasteful piece of art can make a lot of difference. But the key is to use the right measure when buying those. Too much expensive furniture can make you feel like you are in a furniture saloon or, worse, someone else’s office. So buy your dream office table and that beautiful lamp, and combine them with the more subtle pieces. Bring a few of your favorite items from home. Arrange those with taste. That should suffice to make your office feel more like home. 

Author’s bio:

Monika Dean is a renowned Chicago content writer and interior enthusiast. She has over seven years of experience in different categories of writing. In her free time, she likes to run with her dog. Photography is her second biggest passion. She prefers to stay single, at least for the time being.


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