How to pick bedside lamps for your new home

While decorating your new home, you will realize that the tiny details are the ones that make the biggest difference. Lighting is the one that sets up the mood and creates an ambiance of your choice. The job of the bedside lamp is to provide enough light for reading and to look great in your new home. But how to pick the bedside lamp for your new home? There are so many choices and so many lamps that choosing the right pieces can be quite confusing. Luckily, with some basic decorating rules, you will easily pick the right bedside lamp for your new home. Here, we give you a few tips so that you can pick the perfect bedside lamps for your home.

What is the purpose of the lamp?

When you are choosing the lighting for your new home, you have so many choices – from stunning crystal chandeliers, amazingly creative pendant lights or bold floor lamps, which can make your house interior look more luxurious, to good old table lamps. If you want your lamp to be the main source of lighting, then you should choose some of the large lamps or floor lamps that can support high voltage bulbs. But if you want your bedside lamp to be decorative, you can be creative with your design choices.  The right bedside lamp can bring your home symmetry, color, contrast, texture, and, of course, illumination to any room it decorates. So, before you go shopping, think about how the lamp is going to be used and the purpose of the bedside lamp.

A modern home with two floor lamps
Think about the purpose of the lamp when you pick one for your new home

Three things to look for when you are picking bedside lamps for your new home

If you want to pick the right bedside lamp for your new home, then the following things are very important:

  • height – you want your lamps to be to scale in the room. Therefore, you need to measure the height of the top of the chest of drawers to the top of the headboard, and that would be the ideal size of the lamp
  • width and depth – if you want some other things to put on the tabletop, like a book or glass of water, you need a lamp that is wider than it is deep. This will leave you with plenty of room on your table
  • function – when picking the bedside lamp for your new home, think about the function of the lamp. There are some fantastic buffet lamps that you can simply touch the base of, and they light up. Usually, they have different settings, so for a soft light you will touch it once; for brighter lights you will touch it twice, and you need to touch it again for the most brightness.

These tips will help you to narrow down your choices while picking the perfect lamp, and you will only need to look at the small percentage of lamps. Another important thing to look at while picking the right lamp is that the lamp is not too fragile. If it is too delicate, it can easily break if you decide someday to move and transport furniture and other belongings to a new residence.

Think about style when you pick bedside lamps for your new home
Choose the bedside lamps according to the style of your home

Decide on style

Believe it or not, a bedside lamp can have a style of its own. It can be shabby chic, formal and classic or a big, strident dramatic lamp. You should play with the style and choose the one that perfectly fits in with the exceptional style of your home. If you have a luxurious home, pick a crystal lamp to get an extravagant touch (but make sure you know how to properly clean glass light fixtures). In a sleek, modern room, choose glass or chrome lamps, and in a country-style bedroom, a traditional jar lamp would be a perfect choice. You can also use a table lamp that has a completely different style, which will give the room a radiant focal point.

Choose the lampshade

Another important decision to make when picking the right bedside lamp for your new home is the lampshade and its size. Consider the proportions of the shade in relation to the body of the lamp, and try not to drawn only by the style and the pattern of the shade. The body of the lampshade should be approximately 2 inches shorter than the length of its body. As for the shape, drum shades are probably the safest choice and the current trend.

A bed with two lamps on each side of the bed
If you have a large bed, pick two bedside lamps for each side of the bed

How many lamps do you need?

As a rule, if you are the only one sleeping in the room you need one lamp on your side, and two on each side if you have a partner. But, if your bedroom is very large and your mattress is a king-size, you need two bedside lamps to balance the room, regardless of whether you’re the only one using the room or not. However, you should not count on them to be your only source of illumination in the room. If you don’t have a ceiling fixture, you will probably need at least one more lamp, preferably a floor lamp, across the room from your bed.

Lighting can completely alter a room’s vibe and turn it from a boring space to a cozy one in which you would love to spend your time. Hopefully, these tips will help you pick the bedside lamps for your new home that will enhance and complement your room’s decor and style.  One final tip is that when you decide to move, pick a reliable moving company, such as Pro Movers Miami, which will take care of your loving lamps and other belongings.

Authors bio: Rita Crossley – Interior designer and columnist, Rita Crossley is born in North Carolina and there she started creating stunning interiors for numerous projects. She is well- known for beautiful elegant rooms that mix traditional and contemporary styles.

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