How to Remodel a Loft

Underestimating the power and practicality of lofts should be a long-forgotten mistake of real estate. With some interesting design solutions, you can turn this space into something quite amazing. Lofts are generally spacious, with industrial features, brick walls, and large windows. The fact that these are not common only adds to the beauty and uniqueness. They also add a bit of a challenge, but if you’re looking for some unique remodeling solutions, you’re in the right place. Here’s how to remodel a loft and use its space to the maximum. 

Keep the character of the space 

Lofts are often converted into living spaces as a part of a commercial building or a warehouse. Most commonly, they offer an open-concept space designed in a modern way. Even though your loft needs remodeling, it’s a good idea to keep the character of the space and its style. Lofts are unique apartments, and they give you the chance to create a unique living space and give it a much higher value. 

Know your budget and plan

Before you start remodeling, it is vital to have a clear vision of your new living space. Consult a professional, if necessary, to get a better idea of what to do with your loft. Browse the internet to get more inspiration on maximizing the storage space, lighting, or anything else. Once you know your goal, you can start planning your budget. Remodeling can cost a lot if you’re not careful, so be sure to plan it well. Also, add about 15% for unexpected costs – they are common in such projects. Setting up the budget will surely help you stay on top of everything. 

Make some areas more private…

Most commonly, loft apartments are characterized by open-space plans. This may not be something you want, or you may need more privacy in some parts of your living space. For that reason, you must take a good look at the area and consider your needs and preferences. You can add a huge bookshelf and create a cute reading nook or home office that will be private and separated from the rest of the apartment. Many people opt for installing sliding walls that they can use if needed. Finally, you can also visually divide spaces in your loft by adding different rugs to the kitchen, dining area, or living room space. Furniture can also play a huge part in creating distinct spaces, so see if you can use a new sofa to divide your dining room and the space where you chill and watch TV.

…but also embrace the open floor plan 

You shouldn’t forget to account for entertaining and hosting dinners or parties, where open space can play a significant role. Think of your kitchen as the place where you can hang out with your friends, make meals, and sip drinks. Consider adding a big kitchen island that will complete the look of the space. 

 A home with an open floor plan
Open floor plans are great for gatherings and parties.


As mentioned, lofts generally have that industrial vibe, which you can easily maintain after remodeling. Concrete floors can be a good option but go with hardwood flooring if you want a cozier atmosphere. 

Whatever you choose, don’t let your new floors get ruined in the moving process. People often focus on protecting their furniture and other items, forgetting that walls and floors can get damaged, too. The experts at Heart Moving NYC recommend putting down a plastic sheet or cardboard to ensure maximum protection.

Add greenery 

Many windows mean a lot of natural light – perfect for creating a green oasis in the middle of all that concrete. You can use common indoor plants, but a more interesting twist would be adding a green wall. This can be another DIY project that you can focus on once you’re done remodeling. If that’s too much work, add a simple shelf with lots of pots filled with herbs and other greenery and immediately make your place alive. 

A green wall in a loft
Greenery always makes things better. 

Add another level 

Take advantage of your loft ceilings. A mezzanine will give your loft a cool look while maximizing the space. Depending on the loft’s size and height, you can also add a proper second floor. However, due to accessibility issues, mezzanines are a more common solution. This can be a sleeping area but also the perfect space for a home office. Keep in mind that this is not an easy DIY you can do on your own or with the help of your friends. Hiring contractors is a must in this case. Make sure to find the best people for the job to ensure a smooth renovation. 

Stairs in an apartment
If the space allows it, go up when you remodel a loft. 

Play with light 

The way you install lights in the loft can change the complete look of the space. Lights add dimension and can create a cozier atmosphere. The industrial style of the loft allows you to add lamps or light fixtures of different materials – metal, wood, steel, etc. Think about your needs to figure out the most suitable layout for your lighting. 

Take your time 

It takes time and patience to remodel a loft according to your needs, lifestyle, and preferences. You shouldn’t rush the process. Make sure you’re happy with the results with on-time planning, hiring the right pros, and focusing on the safety of the process. 

Author bio: 

Sherrie Devon started tackling DIY projects at home for fun, but it turned out to be a great passion of hers. She now writes blog posts about interior design and DIYs, giving tips on creating a beautiful, organized, and practical home. 

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