Inexpensive Home Upgrades for a Luxurious Home

Sometimes achieving luxury inside your home doesn’t have to be a costly thing. With a few relatively cheap tricks, you can make your home look elegant and modern without too much fuss.

Check out these home upgrades that will make your home shine.

1. Adding a hot tub

Installing an above-ground hot tub will cost you a bit higher than $300. In case you don’t have a swimming pool, this will be a great addition that could serve as a good selling point one day.

Of course, if you want the hot tub to be an elaborated project, the price will go up. The point is, even the basic hot tub adds the feeling of luxury you are looking for.

2. Painting linoleum or vinyl flooring

An inexpensive way to boost your home’s appearance is to paint your linoleum or vinyl flooring. Off-white and grey are excellent choices for colors in case you’re not sure whether to go with a more prominent option.

In case you have concrete floors, upgrade them by adding tile or linoleum and then simply paint it.

3. Accentuating crown molding

Crown molding is rather cheap but it does a lot for a room’s appearance as it creates a special flare. If you have the time to dress it up, the result will be even better. In case you already have molding, just a layer of fresh paint can instantly change the impression.

Of course, white is a classic option while darker tones lead to a more modern look. Just be careful – too dark takes away the focus of the room.

Also, consider the room’s size – high ceilings will seem cozier when decorated with heavily embellished molding. The same molding should not be used in small rooms.

4. Creating a layered lightscape

Lightscaping uses light to highlight specific areas in the room while simultaneously darkening others. The arrangement is done in such a way that it’s more than a simple placing of task lighting.

The room’s lighting plan needs to be completely considered, which includes accent, task, and ambient lighting. If you place all three in the right way, you will create several light layers that will make the room lively and relaxing.

The choice of light fixtures also affects the overall impression. Minimalist pendant lights give off a stylish feel, while a decorated chandelier creates a more classic feeling of luxury.

5. Painting the baseboards

Painting the baseboards won’t cost you more than $50 but it can change the appearance of the whole room. You can paint an unfinished baseboard or add a fresh layer of paint to the worn-out ones. By doing it, you will also remove the general wear and tear that was visible, damaging the overall look of the room.

6. Boosting the kitchen

Boosting the kitchen

The kitchen is the room that gets shabby and worn out probably the fastest. However, it’s also the room that can look truly luxurious if you play your cards right.

Once you decide to renovate the kitchen a bit, the most important step is to first give it a thorough cleaning. Companies like NDIS cleaning service do just that – thoroughly cleaning all the surfaces and hidden corners of a kitchen. Only then can you start introducing changes.

For example, you can repaint the kitchen island. As the island is usually the focal point of the room, refreshing it will create a great positive change. Don’t be afraid and use a rich color for a luxurious effect. This project won’t cost you more than $100. If you are willing to spend a bit more, you can add architectural extensions between the island base of and the countertop.

7. Adding faux wood beams to the ceiling

Any room can be made to look taller and more elegant – you create a beamed ceiling. Adding a box beam or faux beams will cost you around $1,000 without the installation. You are free to add various warm tones or stick to the classic white box beams that will give off a more sophisticated look.

8. Installing unique wallpaper

unique wallpaper

Wallpaper all but old-fashioned – it can add a lot of luxury to a room, especially if it’s textural wallpaper like linen. If you don’t want to introduce wallpaper to your living room or bedroom, it would be a great and cheap addition to the bathroom. One high-quality roll costs around $150, which means a medium-sized room would require rolls for no more than$1,000.

In case you think you will change your mind after a while, you can always opt for removable wallpaper that’s no higher than $40 a roll.

9. Installing a smart home system

$500 will suffice if you want to install a smart home system. Everything, and that includes alarms, light dimmers, blinds, thermostats, and even keyless entry, will be under the control of your mobile phone. Of course you will feel like you’re living in a luxurious home if you feel like there is a butler doing stuff instead of you.

Final words

Just one or two suggestions above will manage to boost the look of your home. The thing with home upgrades is that they don’t have to be expensive – they just need to be carefully chosen.

Ron Wolf
Freelance writer, hobby designer and DIY enthusiast.

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