Introvert home design and decor

When you are introverted, your home is the most important place in the entire known universe. You need to feel relaxed and cozy in every corner possible. Your home is a place where you can cocoon yourself into a blanket in order to turn into a productive society member.

Since the home is a shrine of peace for introverts, it needs to have clever design and it needs to be a perfect reflection of creative chaos from your head. Or maybe it needs to be clean and tidy to make you feel more focused. You know, you decided to be productive and then you see some trinket and end up realizing that you’ve been playing with it for almost three hours

What does one introverted dream home need to have? I’d say bouncy castle but that would probably be nightmare fuel for my neighbors and other family members. Maybe one day when I finally find a cure for surviving small talk with random people and make a bestseller out of it. 

But until then – let’s stick with our safe haven and make it interesting just like some sort of maze – stylishly decorated, with just enough things around the corner to lift up your spirits and without too many aggressive colors and uncomfortable yet modern furniture.

 Not to mention – a nice and quiet place. Time to be zen!


A kitchen is a great place, often visited when we need more snacks and our caffeine refill a few times a day. So the first essential is a coffee maker, an ever-flowing fountain of caffeine

The kitchen design needs to be simplistic yet it needs to reflect your creativity and untamed spirits. Introverts do often dream of traveling far away and visiting distant lands. Yet, the travel itself could be sometimes really exhausting. 

So, what is the next best thing you can do in order to bring the feeling of distant lands straight to your kitchen? 

Details are important here – add more souvenirs from your travels to your kitchen. Introverts are also very sensitive to strong flavors and smells. It instantly brings memories back and transfers you to a different place. 

Or help you with daydreaming of places you will visit somewhere in the future. Until then shop for exotic spices and showcase them to your guests. 

A savvy traveler and a better cook, innovative and versatile. Show your creativity in the kitchen.

Also, buying tableware is also great. Moroccan tableware looks magical with the ornaments. So when you decide to experiment with the oriental kitchen, it will all follow nicely.

Arabic coffee set

Uzbek tea set or Arabic coffee set – when you take a pause, enjoy your rituals longer. It will be simple eye candy for all your senses. Colors in your kitchen should be natural, calming, and creamy, to inspire your appetite easily.

table cover

You can add a table cover with a vintage world map on it, reminding you that you have more countries to visit and more flavors to discover. And it will go great with your rustic decor.


office table

Maybe you fulfilled your introvert dream and you are working remotely from your home. But we know the obstacles of remaining focused when your creativity is aching for something more inspiring. 

So that part of your home needs to be clean and tidy, without any distractions. It needs to have more natural light to inspire you to work but avoid looking through the window and wondering about the mysteries of the universe. 

So choose a skylight for your room. It will look divine because you will have your ray of light falling down on you and inspiring you. Colors should be monochromatic – white, black, or gray. 

You can put some greenery to the mix and flowers. That will create a nice and pleasant atmosphere to work. 

Also, you need to have peace and quiet so make sure you did your homework and installed acoustic panels. All the noise from the outside will just make you more nervous.

A place to rest

Introverts simply love to have their own little corners where they can get cozy, read a book, and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

That could be a cozy chair by the window with a bookshelf beside it and a lot of cushions around it, waiting for you to dive into them and lose yourself into the fantasy world.

This could be placed in a secluded corner of your living room or in your room. 

Introverts are sentimental that get easily attached to the small things that can trigger the memories. So surround yourself with as many pleasant memories as you can. Pictures, toys, books, figurines – it is your little kingdom. 

Your bedroom also needs to be light, white, and comfortable. Avoid using electrical appliances there and move them to your workroom. This also applies to your TV- it is very important if you are introverted to get enough hours of sleep or you will get cranky.

Avoid aggressive colors and choose the more subtle lighting for your bedroom. Also, avoid aggressive colors such as red or yellow because they are distracting and it will probably make you anxious… Black also… you don’t want to be in that kind of gloomy atmosphere.

Make sure to get a sleeping mask to get into the dreamworld easier.

sleeping pad

As an introvert you probably love a nice art – so choose something that calms you. If you are an avid stargazer, you can find a projector that will emit a starry night in your room.


Jason is a business consultant with a passion for writing. Doing his research, exploring, and writing are his favorite things to do. Besides that, he loves playing his guitar, cooking, and traveling.

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