Luxury home renovations on a realistic budget

Everybody wants to live in a nice and comfortable home. More than just decorating it with high quality and expensive items we want our home to feel and look premium. Understandably, decking out our havens with top-of-the-line furniture is not feasible but, it’s also unnecessary. Style is eternal and, to achieve it, there are a lot of nifty little tips and tricks at your disposal. Infusing your house with glamour and a breath of luxury doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg with breaking your bank account in the process. It’s the attention to detail and crafty application of various materials that hold the secret to this achievement, so let’s get started!

1. Light up the place

Luxurious homes always shine brightly and, in sometimes even violently excessive. All that glitters is not gold and, their secret lies in lightning. Dimed and subtle lights create a similar atmosphere and, we understand that there are rooms that you want to achieve this but, your living room, for example, shouldn’t be one of them. Bright LED lightbulbs and plenty of them can make any place light up and feel brand new. With new lighting can come light switches and outlets to accompany your new choices. A luxurious home shines brightly and is inviting by the warmth it creates.

2. Home gym

Got that spare room that’s just collecting dust, cardboard boxes, and God knows what else? You can start by cleaning it up and then by adding any piece of exercise equipment. For starters, even one will do, anyone that you prefer. Since we are on a budget, there is no need to buy an entire gym, but it’s better to go slow and steady. A single piece of training equipment shows your commitment to improving yourself and your home. 

With time, you can add others and change the look of that room as you see fit. Wall mirrors so you can see the fruits of your training, floor mats or maybe even some wall decorations that you find motivational will make a perfect choice. And, if you don’t have an entire spare room, that’s ok as there is also a solution here. Adapting a part of your bedroom (or any other that you find fit) and dedicating some space for your home gym is also a valid idea.

3. Crown moulding

The cherry on top of any room design, or, in this case, the crown, can be easily achieved by implementing crown moulding. While it may sound expensive, it’s an affordable solution that adds a distinctive touch of style to any room you choose, or all of them if you prefer. When done with precision and care, it’s the finishing touch which rounds up any room you place it in. Trusting these and any other renovation work to reliable contractors like Bounds Constructions makes all the difference when you want your dreams to become a reality.

4. Tech it up

What we see in movies are almost self-functioning homes where actors don’t have to lift a finger while the house reads their minds. A bit exaggerated but, you can implement various tech solutions to bring your home into the next century. It sounds expensive, but automatic garage doors, video surveillance, smart thermostats and motion-sensitive lighting are not some sci-fi terms anymore. Luxury is when space accommodates you and does not have to do menial work. Walking into a room and having the lights turn up automatically and the temperature being perfect, without you moving a finger, will bring the breath of luxury that was needed. 

5. Minimalism maximizes luxury

Less is more as you let your home breathe. By taking a realistic look at your home, you may notice certain elements suffocating one another. By getting into each other faces and in the way, overcrowding your rooms creates a hoarder look which is not what luxury is all about. Focusing on placing individual elements in the right rooms while not losing sight of what you want to achieve is crucial. Then, you can let your pieces breathe and shine as they now have the spotlight. With minimal design, you are showing off all of your strengths and focus points with nothing to hide or hinder them.

Clean, sleek and functional, those are the postulates that hold the luxury look of any home. Its style over substance, where smart and crafty choices create a unique feeling to a room or home. And anything unique is a luxurious item to have. Looking at your design choice as a whole, it becomes clear that the choices you make are creating something new in the process. By taking that first step, and breaking the stale mould over your home and boldly innovating with fresh and practical choices, you are already breathing fresh air into your haven. One that will be felt by you and all of your quests for years to come.

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