If you believe that luxury is more about purchasing the most expensive furniture or collecting rare art for the walls then let us help clear things up for you. True Luxury cannot really be bought. It is actually a process that happens more naturally, it begins with a notion deep within your soul and develops by our lifestyle choices.

Luxury interior design is more of a journey as opposed to a specific product. Take a look at our luxury interior design ideas and your own interior design will forever be illuminated with a rare authentic style.

Prepare the canvass

1) Prepare the canvass

The common obstacle to most people attempting to create a luxury feel is the odds and ends which pile up and accumulates over time. Therefore, your first move will be to completely declutter.

When you are finished, all you should have left are practical necessities needed for daily living along with a few prized possessions that have great meaning to you. If you ever saw a  compulsive hoarder you can better understand how possessions can be intricately linked to your sense of self.

We will never live a more luxurious life until we completely accept the present and learn to let go of the past.

Technology and Luxury

2) Technology and Luxury

How is technology intertwined with luxury? Not completely but unless you desire living in an outdated pre-Internet lifestyle, it is an important piece of the infrastructure puzzle for your luxury home.

We have figured out how to build around and hide wiring and plumbing but integrating and installing TVs, game consoles and routers into our homes is a little trickier. Things are getting easier though with new inventions like wireless charging pads. There are many ways you can hide cables and blend in electronic devices like TVs with their own surroundings. Simply choosing the coordinating color and style of your new electronics and accessories will assist in blending them in instead of being a distraction.

It’s better to hide your technology after you have fully decluttered the space.

Texture promotes Luxury

3) Texture promotes Luxury

This is where your personality should shine. Color, shapes and texture can create an upscale effect you desire.

The word tantra has specific sexual connotations but is actually derived from the word ‘tan’ which generally means ‘weave together.’ Fabrics have an important effect on our senses and our subconscious mind which should have a great effect to promote more luxury inspiration in our interior design.

Play around with velvet or feather and, the earthiness of wood grains, and the clarity and brightness of metal or the sensuality of leather. Texture can be a great way to add a feeling of depth to your interior design and promotes the many layers of your own personality.

The Power of Sculpture

4) The Power of Sculpture

Shape is an important element that can have a profound effect on your subconscious, and if you only see flat surfaces and square edges then this element needs more focus and attention. Sculptured design is generally thought with statues, buildings or pottery but whenever we shape or design something to create a desired effect we are effectively sculpting. When designing your own luxury space, explore the sensual quality of curves, spirals have a mystery effect, like the beauty of a sunburst as a focal point in the space and the perfect design effect of natural objects.

Go Natural Go Chic

5) Go Natural ~ Go Chic

Natural elements like plants, animals and rocks can be utilized into your design in many ways. Each element has a distinct shape and texture which can be used directly or for inspiring your design.

As we move in the direction of being more green and towards being inspired by and living with nature, interior design styles have begun to use more recycled materials and more blending concepts of inside and outside

Timeless Aged Design

6) The Wisdom of a Timeless Aged Design

Aged elements bring in a varied depth to a home: Value the depth of experience. Whether a patina effect which is seen in ancient metals or an antique bookcase, the value of aged elements is in the back story that lies within them.

A few sentimental aged pieces in a decluttered home will attract the focus and attention of friends or visitors. By having elements that bring back memories of a special moment in life or a specific cultural or historical fascination, your home will reverberate with the richness of time.

Vision the whole

7) Envisioning the Whole

Upscale interior design is much more than about arranging crystal chandeliers and luxury furniture to someone’s preconceived sense of symmetry. It is about exposing that hidden brilliant diamond that shines deep within us all. It is always in the context within the story that has formed to reveal the real foundation of art and luxury. Your life is your story and your personal understanding of luxury is what matters most.


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