Mistakes to avoid when cleaning high-quality hand-blown glass

In case you own a pricey collection of hand blown glass, then you must consider it to be your pride and joy. As such, it needs to be properly cleaned every once in a while, as it can only shine in its prime glory with the right maintenance. If hand blown glass vases are a staple of your luxurious home design, we believe you could use a couple of tips. Learning which mistakes to steer clear from when cleaning high-quality hand-blown glass items will come in handy the next time you decide to dedicate some time to this process.

wine glass in different colors
Treat your hand-blown glass items with the care they deserve.

Now, mind you that you could have a range of different items that were made through this intricate process, as glass blowing is nothing short of complicated. But no matter which items you have, you can count on these tips to be life-saving when their maintenance is involved.

Three crucial mistakes to avoid when cleaning high-quality hand-blown glass

There is a good reason why the process of cleaning hand-blown glass differs dramatically from the cleaning the rest of your items. These pieces are extremely fragile, making them easily prone to damage. In fact, there aren’t many things that are more complicated and stressful than relocating expensive hand-blown glass. Because there is so much room for error, you’ll definitely need to reach out for professional support that Golans Moving and Storage and similar moving companies have to offer. They’ll be able to uncover all the essential tips and tricks about glass relocation. But, today, we deal with the proper cleaning of these items. And you’ll want to avoid doing the following three things.

1. Using abrasive cleaners

Scratches are definitely not something you want to see on your precious items, but avoiding them while cleaning can be challenging. We know that you want to ensure that all of your items are spotless. However, that doesn’t give you an excuse to use abrasive cleaners and items like steel wool cleaning pads. Instead, opt for gentle cleansers and microfiber towels.

abrasive cleaners not to use when cleaning high-quality hand-blown glass
You don’t need any harsh chemicals to help you clean your glass items.

You can use room temperature water and soap to remove any stains that you have on your hand-blown glass. If you have chosen mirrored furniture for your home, then we are sure you are already familiar with this trick. And if you weren’t aware of it before, you certainly are now.

2. Putting your hand-blown your items in the dishwasher

If you have hand-blown wine glasses, we are sure that putting them in a dishwasher has crossed your mind at least once before. Because a dishwasher can get very hot very quickly, you shouldn’t be surprised if you put in a perfectly new wine glass, only to find out it has cracked in a couple of places. That’s why we suggest you always rinse glasses immediately after use and then wash them with warm water and a bit of soap. Once again, don’t wipe your items with any harsh cloth which could damage them. And that’s usually what happens when cleaning high-quality hand-blown glass with steel wool cleaning pads.

3. Wearing jewelry when cleaning hand-blown glass

It might be superfluous to say that you shouldn’t wear jewelry while cleaning your glass items. Yet, many people have rings or bracelets that they don’t take off so frequently. Well, the one time you definitely want to ensure they are off is when cleaning hand-blown glass of fine quality. It’s common knowledge that diamonds can scratch and damage glass, and so can other pieces of jewelry, your wedding band included. In fact, many times when you see scratches on a glass item, it will be due to damage that occurred as a consequence of wearing jewelry.

a woman wearing jewelry
It’s best to approach the glass cleaning process with bare hands.

Bonus tip

Have you finished cleaning your hand-blown glass items of high-quality? Then don’t make a rookie mistake of not drying them before putting them aside. Water may create stains and damage that can turn your beautiful and expensive piece into complete ruin.

How to keep your hand blown glass protected at all times

Glass items that have been through the hand-blowing process are usually unique and of high value. As such, these items typically aren’t for daily use. So once you clean them, you might feel ready to set them aside to some place where they can be safe until they are again needed. What we suggest you do is find a sturdy cardboard box whose sides you will pad with protective materials. This way, your items will be away from the sun that could damage some of them. Moreover, it’s a good idea to keep your hand-blown glass items in a room with a moderate temperature.

We know that this much preparation might sound like too much work at the moment. But it’s imperative to take these few extra steps when putting them away, whether you decide to keep your items in your home or a storage unit. After all, the occasional hours you put into cleaning and maintaining your glass items will make sure nothing bad happens to your prized possessions. And, sometimes, these pieces are nothing short of an investment.

candy glass container
Will you be using your pieces in the upcoming period? If not, make sure they stay safe and protected.

Anytime you are cleaning glass items, be it glass light fixtures or hand-blown glass items, you definitely need to approach the task with a lot of care and consideration. Cleaning high-quality hand-blown glass might not be something that you enjoy, but it’s something that needs to be done right. So, dedicate some time to the task and be amazed by the new life that you bring to your pieces.

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Kelly Spencer is a freelance writer who loves writing about both interior and exterior design. She has dabbled as a professional designer and currently enjoys putting together her Connecticut home, where she lives with her husband, two kids, and a dog.

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