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Modern Luxury Interior Design ~ Asian Style


Time periods and cultures diverge into your interior design decisions will make your home a fabulous stand out from the others. Whether it’s personal ties you have to Asia or simply an admiration for the colors and lines that form a modern “Asian-inspired” design scheme, much is derived from the rich, Asian cultural traditions. We feature homes with Asian inspiration with high end accessories, luxurious rooms, indulgent textures, and truly opulent spaces. Learn more about how to use the Asian culture to create your own beautiful home.

Asian home decor can be summed up as “calming.” An influence of this cultural standard touchstone as Buddhism has color palettes that are serene and tranquil.

It is surely that neutral, soothing palette that provides an anchor for your living room, donning high ceilings and opulent lighting, keeping n the Asian tradition.

Asian-designed interiors

Instantly evoke serenity and a sense of tranquility and calm. Our fast-paced lifestyles makes us appreciate when we get home to our calm and peaceful abode that permits us to leave behind that seemingly endless rush. Asian-theme design schemes has inimitable style by adding a balance and peaceful harmony. To create that Asian-inspired design is more than just placing a few Asian decorations. It takes great care, clear thought and precision to the process and permits you get rid of the unwanted additions.

Asian design is a mixture of different styles from Japanese and Chinese to exotic cultural Indian themes. Oriental influences often dominate usually originating from the Far East a few centuries ago. You can incorporate these beautifully mesmerizing elements into your design scheme while also creating a fresh, modern, contemporary feel –


Asian design schemes are mostly inspired by colors of nature, and the decor mimics scenic landscapes generally using natural colors. It is good to use a neutral backdrop as much as possible. This means white is your best option. Softer cream colors, lighter blues and even elegant grey that works just fine. You are aiming for a backdrop that provides a calming, relaxed ambiance.



A misconception exists that Asian design styles are absent of vivid colors, while the truth is the exact opposite! Asian-themed interiors are complete when vibrant colors dominate when in a neutral and calm setting. The pinks of popular cherry blossoms, often used ravishing reds and opulent purples are usually an important part of Oriental styled designs. If you are aiming for a the Chinese-inspired design style whose colors become a must.

modern chinese interiorFor mystic charm, carefully use subtle black colors. A visually captivating idea is to combine a neutral and softer backdrop with rich golden tones for an elegant living room. Gold is being touted as the hottest color this coming year, it provides a fashionable and trendy statement.

asian inspired design


As you plan for your Asian-style design, the word ‘balance’ is an important attribute to employ. It can’t be overstated regarding the importance of this aspect of oriental Interior design.


Balance is key when defining aspects of the Asian theme

Harmony and not just colors but with different textures and elements around you is your goal. If your home feels like a cold chunk of concrete, try adding glass partitions, wooden floors, bamboo blinds and natural stone decorations with organic textures set in a tasteful fashion.



Create an atmosphere with good equilibrium, and water is a great way to easily usher in an Asian style. The calming sounds of trickling flowing water is conveys harmony according to Feng Shui. A small water feature at the front entrance  is welcoming. Other areas to consider is the living area, or even the backyard is a nice addition. A Reflecting pool can also make for an amazing addition and provides an undeniably calming influence.


If you want a water feature that conveys a lively effervescence, a koi pond is a way to achieve that. Water features definitely adds an element of calm fluidity which can also double as stunning sculptural feature that can’t help to be the focal point of the home.



We spoke about the popularity of Asian themes which are in really a mixture of several different styles. You should know each styles elements and distinctions before you make a decision regarding what exactly suits your own style best. Asian interior design style is minimalist and simple and closest to nature with its many shades of colors. The essence of Zen is a great addition to your home making this style theme great for anyone with a cultured eye. Traditional Chinese decor is grand and opulent with regal reds, captivating jade, lavish gold, and plush purple.

home-asian -design

Indian style is an unabashed and colorful and lively celebration that showcases traditional Indian cultural icons and motifs. In case you are attempting to create a mixture of different Asian styles, it is a good idea to stay with Japanese influences for your interior design. Indulgent Chinese designs are better for public spaces and to add color to the bedroom. Add wall art pieces and richer textiles reflecting an Indian backdrop and you will create a beautiful Asian style!

Aisian design dining room


Lighting will make or break your design, regardless of the style or theme you are trying for. In an Asian design style, proper lighting adds to the visual while accentuating the theme. Hanging paper lanterns are stylish, forming a sculptural lighting feature with a few strategically placed candles can create a design inspired by the Far East!

chinese water lanterns

For a timeless design that fuses together the East and the West with a modern feel, we suggest wading into a stunning Akari Light Sculpture.

Chinese design with water feature


An aspect of this Asian design scheme that is certainly irresistible to the eco-conscious out there. River rocks and smooth polished stones, bamboo blinds replacing traditional curtains, woven mats, with potted plants that bring nature in tend to mesh together to convey that perfect look. Little details always make a biggest differences to the over-all ambiance of the room. Be sure to keep the furnishings and accessories as organic and sustainable as possible for a truly Asian vibe.

Modern asian luxury


Beyond fashion and decor itself to get an authentic Asian-themed interior introduce incense, wind chimes and scented candles to elevate the Asian ambiance which will be elevated to a whole new level. With a few plants added that accomplish bringing in nature’s goodness, it will instantly transform the modern home into a serene and comforting home. Aroma as well as sound is a crucial aspect in shaping our perceptions of various designs and transform the room into a more pleasing space. Don’t worry about repainting the walls or renovating your home in order to create these aesthetics.



Clean lines, and well defined with minimalist decorations provides sleek symmetry, and is a natural part of the cultured Asian design which is  influenced by Japanese style. These features allow you to easily incorporate this theme into a setting that is more contemporary with just a few simple color and furniture changes. Taking from Feng Shui that is tried and tested for many centuries now.  Clutter is not advised, and Asian style themes encourage adding accessories with the things that you love!

asian interior design


Not sure if you can pull off the Asian theme? If your home is already has cool neutral tones,  all you’ll need is a subtle design makeover first before committing fully to the theme.

asian bath design

Small statues of Buddha, Asian art along with decorative fans and perhaps jade statues, or oriental parasols, and throw pillow covers with Asian motifs, top it off with a shoji room divider or two. That should do it without forcing you into renovations or to make any permanent changes.asian bathroom designs

Whether you decide on dramatic or understated, classy or calming, an Asian theme will offer an amazing style to provide your home with an exclusive and impeccable appeal. Look for oriental design accent pieces the next time you pass by a flea market or thrift shop so that you can accomplish this design while watching your budget. Accomplish this properly and you will be guaranteed that tranquil vacation getaway in your own home!


Now ~ Let us help you find your best style!

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