Natural Elements For a Perfect Decor

Living in balance with nature with a little help from natural materials

Greenery, wood, and stone elements are your allies for a great style.

We simply can’t get enough of the calming, natural colors. Even if you are living in the middle of a hectic city that never sleeps, you can have your own little, natural oasis of peace. 

The secret lies in the natural elements. Just think about how timeless wooden decor is. The stunning craftsmanship is best shown through woodworks. It took patience yet in exchange you have a timeless elegance.

Textures, contrasts, colors… every piece tells a different story and you are here to collect them all into one, cohesive story about your substance and style.

Or stone materials- it is amazing how something cold can give so much life and amazing vibrance to your living spaces. The best thing is that incorporating these elements into your living spaces is easy and can fit every style you go for. From minimalist styles to the tropical jungle in your living room – it is time to set the right style foundations.

Not to mention it is great for your budget also and it will increase your property value

Wood, stone, clay materials, different shades of green- it is time to get back to the pristine, well-known, and homely feeling.

Bathroom oasis

Bathrooms are a part of your house where you feel most relaxed, rejuvenated, and revived. So when you are building your own natural sanctuary, we recommend starting with this one. 

Most of us have tiles in our bathrooms but they tend to get a bit sterile. Yes, you can play with different patterns but eventually there is no creativity there. 

Japanese spa

We propose something different. When you think of the calming oasis – the first thing that pops into your mind is probably Scandinavian style sauna. Or a Japanese spa? 

Well, to get a glimpse of these two we recommend adding wooden panels to walls. Don’t forget natural light. Installing skylights to your bathroom will help you bathe into the rays of sunlight also.

Stone or exposed brick walls are also a great option. When showering in this kind of environment you will instantly imagine yourself underneath some waterfall somewhere far away. Installing a rainfall shower or jets will help you achieve this effect. Add an essential oil shower diffuser to your bathroom and it will lift your spirits to whole another level. 

Stone or exposed brick walls

Living room

Here you probably spend most of your time so – everything is permitted. Exposed brick walls are extremely popular nowadays. You can leave one part exposed and leave it as a focal point of your living room decor. And still, you have three more walls to be creative.

living room decor

Have you ever dreamed of having your own fireplace? Of course, you did. It is a sign of luxury, it gives your home a lot warmer appeal (both literally and figuratively). 

own fireplace

Everyone loves looking at a colorful and dancing flame and feeling cozy, with a cup of hot chocolate. 

The stone firepit with an exposed brick wall showing is perfect for the center of your room. Yet, you need to take extra steps to make your house a warm and safe place. Make sure that you use fire retardants on your flammable materials and then you can rest assured.

Wooden ceilings and floors will give you that rustic appeal and they can help with the soundproofing. Play with different colors and wood textures.  Combine it with antique wooden furniture made of solid wood. That kind of furniture will last for generations.

antique wooden furniture

When it comes to natural elements that are free yet priceless – lighting and floral elements. 

Wood, stone, and green – nothing says more natural than combining these three elements. Also, you need to make sure that all the elements are in the spotlight. Natural spotlight. The more sunlight, the better. 

More light means more windows but it also means more noise and isolation problems. So make sure that your windows are properly insulated. When it comes to shades, avoid the dark colors – you want breezy materials for your shades. 

Staircases are also a great place to get creative. Make your own natural stairway to heaven of relaxation. 

Play with the design of staircase railing – make them look like a fairytale tree or vine showing you a way up. This means you can’t slide your way down the stairs, but hey – all for a sake of a great, natural design.

It is all in the details

Don’t be afraid to experiment with styles and details. Floral elements are welcome. Callas for example – use a glass vase to get more of the natural appeal. Also, try to avoid faux flowers. Yes, they are very practical but they will sometimes look cheap.

Just imagine the subtle scent of the natural flowers flowing through the air, making the entire home atmosphere simply divine and fresh.

Rustic home decor

Rustic home decor is here to stay, the industrial style also – and they are all derivatives from the classic, natural style with the natural elements. 

Sometimes it is great to stay faithful to your original self and play with different styles. With a little imagination and flexibility, you can transform your home, yet keep that evergreen, rustic charm for years to come. 

And the best thing – there is always room for improvement (see what we did there). Set the right foundation, find the right materials and you are good to go!


Jason is a business consultant with a passion for writing. Doing his research, exploring, and writing are his favorite things to do. Besides that, he loves playing his guitar, cooking, and traveling.

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