Have you always admired homes you see in the popular interior design magazines or the latest tv specials featuring homes of celebrities and people with refined taste in design? Well, just because you don’t have as much money as all of them have, but it doesn’t mean your home can’t look just as polished and luxurious as the ones you see on your favorite program.

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All it takes is a bit of creativity a dash of effort and consistency to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and basic rules of interior design and you can transform your home in no time.

Choose the right color palette


First and foremost, you’ll need to pick the right color for your home. In the sea of fabulous shades and tones, some of the colors will always stand out and represent the high class such as white, black, gold and various shades of grey. Just think about the combination of white walls and white furniture with black accent pieces. Add a touch of gold and you’ve got the highest degree of luxury right there. A large-scale mirror with a gold frame will look amazing in a black and white room, adding a dose of style and chic to your interior. Neutral tones such as white, beige and light grey can go flawlessly together and create a clean, airy interior everyone will fall in love with.

Add rugs as focal points

carpet focal point

One of the best ways for the interior to look put together is to introduce a rug. Rolling out a large rug across the floor will immediately make your room visually larger, which will also add up to the feeling of appearing more expensive. Therefore, start looking for your perfect carpet right now to be sure your interior is cohesive and modern too. Feel free to shop for rugs online and save yourself the trouble of being overwhelmed by seeing the entire offer at the store. Choose the perfect piece from the comfort of your home and turn your otherwise empty and cold interior, into an inviting and cozy place to live.

Install new light fixtures

Install new light fixtures

Only when the room has enough light can it look fabulous enough. If the natural light can’t light up the room well, you should invest in proper light fixtures that will both be pleasing to the eye and offer good illumination. A metallic chandelier or a lamp can instantly elevate the look of your room. Good lighting fixtures can make your room seems bigger. Wall sconces and floor lamps can add wow factor easily if they’re the same design as the rest of the fixtures. Additionally, they’ll create perfect mood lighting alongside looking fabulous.

Add molding and wainscoting for a deluxe feel

design with crown molding

Narrow strips of molding can easily turn your otherwise plain walls into a perfectly paneled interior. One of the best ways to add value and aesthetics to the interior is to create the effect of picture-framing, which will draw eyes to the areas of the room you find most suitable. Crown molding will add dimension to your interior and make it look hundreds of dollars more expensive than it really is. When you want to create continuity between wall and ceiling, crown molding is the way to do it. Some of the places to consider adding molding to are columns, ceiling medallions, ceiling beams, baseboards, and chair rails. To turn your molding game up a notch, and paint the wainscoting white to create a more polished look in the room.

Get rid of all the clutter

Get rid of all the clutter

Aside from picking out the perfect color palette and adding proper décor to your interior, you’ll also have to make sure your home is clutter-free in order to look luxurious. Just think of the first thing that pops to mind when you picture your dream home. It’s clean, spacious and well put together, isn’t it? No magazines spread out everywhere, no clothes thrown over the chair or bed, no pile of shoes in the hallway, but everything in its place and organized well. So, before you start putting a fresh coat of paint to your walls or updating the fixtures, clean up the house and start organizing the wardrobe, necessities, footwear and everything that’s been lounging out in the open instead of having its place in storage.

Accent pieces make a huge difference

Accessories can make or break the décor, so choose your accent pieces carefully. Nobody wants a dozen figurines on every shelf just waiting for them to be accidentally knocked down and chattered into million pieces. However, a vase with fresh flowers on the dining table, for example, can be a nice touch. A large bouquet of fresh roses placed in a vase on the coffee table is also one of the best ways to make the room look expensive but fresh as well. Large scaled art, for example, is another way to add a wow effect to your interior.

Final thoughts

You don’t need thousands of dollars to make your home interior look polished and high-class. All it takes is a bit of creativity and effort to turn your earlier simple home into a deluxe-looking house. Just make sure you follow the aforementioned tips and your home will look fabulous.

Ron WolfBIO: Ron Wolf is a hobby designer and a DIY enthusiast, and, above all, a very blessed father of two. Besides that, he has a strong passion for writing. He is a featured blogger at various blogs and magazines in which he shared his research and experience with the vast online community. If he is not working he enjoys being outside with his family. Hiking, bike riding, and BBQing are always a thing for him. In the evening, he likes to watch documentaries or build something with kids in their lego corner.

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