Spring backyard remodel

Spring is here, and so it is the time to revive your backyard and restore its former glory!

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Yet, what if there is no old glory to be restored? Buckle up, we have a mission to create a perfect outdoor paradise for you and your family. Spring does its regular magic and gives a new life to everything but you can take it one step further and take your backyard design to a completely another level.

There are many creative and not so expensive ways to improve the overall look of your backyard and increase your property value. Just imagine that calming greenery with the sound of a waterfall while you are sitting, drinking cold lemonade and reading a book. 

What is more relaxing than that?

Think, what style will suit your backyard? Add a tropical twist? More green and more trees? Your very own vegetable garden?

Time to get creative and play with the backyard design. First, check for the terrain and how much space you have for your ideas. And try not to go completely over the top and overstuff your yard. You don’t want to look like you are hosting a yard sale, but to combine the right elements for the ultimate results.

Create a focal point 

When you are thinking about creating your backyard design – first you need to think about the focal point of your design and then you can add the interesting elements and create one unique design.

Our recommendations for a focal point of your backyard:

Outdoor kitchen – during summer and spring months the outdoor kitchen is a great addition. Why? First, it is too hot to cook indoors and the smell of cooking will go literally everywhere. So imagine this type of scenario – you have your own outdoor kitchen and you are picking fresh herbs and seasonings from your little garden. Sounds like something from old Italian movies?

Tiki bar – if you are not such a big fan of cooking and you want to experiment with cocktails instead – open your very own tropical bar! The only thing that will be common is that you can pick fresh mint from your garden and add it to your mojito. Again, very practical.

Play with the natural elements in outdoor space: wind, fire, and water

Now think about the different elements – wind, water, and fire. How can you incorporate them into your backyard design? Easy as a breeze.

Build an outdoor pergola for example. It is basically a room without walls but what you can fit in there is only limited by your imagination. You can enjoy the fresh breeze, organize an outdoor dinner party, meditate while listening to the wind or bird chirp. 

Set a very cozy seating area and fill it with soft cushions in vibrant colors. It will lift your spirits instantly!

Can we play with fire?

When it comes to the fire element – that means you are prepared to amaze your guests. Imagine a perfect outdoor party, where you can grill the steaks, grill some sausages or marshmallows and watch how the flame dances with that calming crackling sound… 

For this kind of enjoyment, you can install your very own outdoor firepit. It is perfect for both summer nights and winter – it will keep you warm and you don’t need to go somewhere in the deep woods to enjoy camping experience – it is enough to go to your backyard.

Water world in your backyard

Now last but not least – water element of surprise. What is more calming than relaxing near a calm water surface? You can sit there for hours listening to the sound of the waterfall, enjoying the scent of water -or you can jump straight to your pool?

Based on how big your yard is you can create your very own pond. Plant different kinds of water plants that will attract wildlife. You can, for example, make a little koi fish or goldfish pond, install a fountain that will compliment your landscaping or add a little stone waterfall. 

That would be your little zen garden where you will spend days relaxing and taking care of it.

Installing a fiberglass swimming pool will give your backyard that contemporary elegance. Not to mention just how refreshing it is to have your own pool during the hot summer months.

Make original pathways

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One of the most important aspects of your backyard transformation – create amazing and decorative pathways around your backyard. Connect the important elements of your backyard. Stone stairs are always super decorative but if you want to do that in a more subtle way – place the flowers and plants around the pathway!

Lights on, please

No matter which element you decide to use as a focal point for your backyard design, don’t be afraid to accentuate it. And what is the better way of accentuating the focal point and other important elements in your backyard design than using the lighting fixtures?

Set the lights around the pathway to make it easier to walk around in the dark. Set the lights around ponds and pools or use canopy lights and put them on the tree branches to get that romantic vibe.

And most important thing of all is to have fun along the way – these fixes won’t break a bank, they require a little creativity. Just think about what style you want to achieve and stick to that. Who knows, maybe you will awake your inner backyard landscaping specialist!

Jason is a business consultant with a passion for writing. Doing his research, exploring and writing are his favorite things to do. Besides that, he loves playing his guitar, cooking, and traveling.

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