From the influential 17th century French design to the Mid-century Style, the different types and styles of interior design is fascinating and diverse.

Starting with luxurious!

Transitional style;


A transitional interior design style is an updated classic style. It combines the elegance and character of traditional elegance with modern and contemporary accessories, with clean lines and modern textiles. Traditional style can include furniture with button-tufting, decorative border trim and architectural features like fireplaces and cornicing.


The finished details are usually flawless, fabrics are luxurious and plush, rugs are usually silk, and woods are carved and rich. Sophisticated furniture lines pervade the style. Tuxedo sofas with upholstered ottomans with elegant console tables and coffee tables are favored choices for this style. Accessories like abstract artwork, art and unique elegant pieces will provide a desired layered look.

Art Deco Style;

art deco style

This is a twentieth century design style originating from France which dominated most of the designs from 1910 to 1930. Big Art Deco styles like sunburst wall décor and motifs are good indicators. This style was derived from a healthy fascination with Africa, Russia and Egyptian cultures; and many exotic materials such as ebony and zebrano wood from Africa, crystals and stones like lapis lazuli which is thought to have healing properties as well as jade stone and shagreen.

This style was mostly inspired by the Industrial Revolution, therefore you will see metal incorporated into much of the furniture designs. Industrial Lighting is all the rage. Designs were rounded and curved or angular. The most popular color was black, gold and white.

Chalet Design Style;

lux chalet

Heavy timber wood with wild animal hides and appropriately proportioned furniture, the chalet style is a universal interior design style usually found in mountain chalets as well as lakeside lodges. It balances natures characteristics of the local terrain by incorporating natural materials and colors.

chalet design

The exposed beams, with timber-dominated walls and some stone elements characterize this style well. Chalet furnishings will often reflect the natural elements. Dining tables will display raw wood bases and you’ll see side tables adorning petrified wood, which are very popular. Cast iron chandeliers or most common you’ll see antler chandeliers for the traditional lighting choices.

Classical Interior Design Style;

classical style

This style is inspired by classical civilizations. Usually Greek and Roman antiquity forms the classical style. This style of interior design was very popular during the Renaissance and the revival form of the 18th & 19th centuries, the style is sophisticated.

classic design

Columns are common with classical architectural elements highlights the style’s interior as well as the exterior architecture, as well as the design of the furniture. A bowed back open klismos chair with saber legs is a popular classical furniture piece. Other popular motifs can include urns, busts and laurel wreaths.

Contemporary Style;

Contemporary design

The design style is a current look that is best described as luxurious and modern. The furniture lines are clean and simple, but surfaces and finishes are more integral, luxurious and innovative, which creates an interesting and stylish dialogue.


Sofas and other furniture are typically high quality and well-designed but also comfortable, and often upholstered in luxurious chenille’s and velvets.


Coffee tables are more simplified or sculptural and monolithic. Lighting is a very important element of a Contemporary styled room’s overall design. The flooring and wall cladding is also important.

Country Interior Design Style;

country design

Usually reflects a provincial European, generally English or French style. Loosely covered upholstery adorned with linen and chintzy patterns such as floral and Scottish tartan which is typical of the style. Also popular is upholstered fauteuils (a seat made from wood in the form of an armchair) which is usually painted or whitewashed for a more calming and relaxing mood.

Rustic-modern-country living-room

The wooden furniture is usually limed, antiqued or distressed. Modern examples of this style include floral, boxy silhouettes and non traditional colors such as nautical, including grayed out woods and neutral country pastels

Industrial Interior Design Style;


This style is a popular for warehouse conversions and lofts because of its stylish and undone aesthetic. The openness of the style is a main configuration and with the high ceilings that define the most eye-catching aspects.


Antiqued or aged finishes, with raw textures and metals like brick and stone are most common, resulting in a raw natural look.

French Interior Design Style;


This is a very influential style for decorative arts. The decorative styles are typical of the Louis XIV, XV and XVI eras which is generally dating back to the late 17th, 18th centuries.


This style is very respected for its fine furniture with intricate wood carvings and opulent edges. Silouettes and Neoclassical elements like Roman gods, urns, lyres, and lions with wings are typical French Design. Wood frames are a common feature along with fluted legs, also typical of the elegant furniture design of this style.

Hollywood Regency;


This is a very glamorous interior design style that originated in California and has been popular since the mid-twentieth century. This design was inspired by the glamorous residences of the Hollywood cinema’s Golden Era of movie stars.

Hollywood style

The colors were high-contrast color combinations like kelly green and hot pink, turquoise, lemon yellow as well as black and white, these colors are one of the style’s most familiar features. With the grand chandeliers, the black or mirrored cabinetry and hutches as well as skirted boudoir upholstery as the familiar characteristics of this style. This style remains an influential inspiration with elements such as bamboo framed metal furniture and mirrors.

Mid-century Modern Interior Design Style:


A typical American interior design style, popularized with designs by Florence Knoll, Milo Baughman, and Vladimir Kagan. The Scandinavian and Modern movements were definitely influential furniture pieces, lounger chairs, oddities like the Egg chair and the womb chair was a big influence in the Mid-century style.


Wood framed furniture was very popular, and the use of colorful shades of textiles. Rosewood, walnut and teak were often used as well as canary, mustard yellow, flamingo pink and carnation, chartreuse, light turquoise and avocado are a all quintessential Mid-century.

Minimalism Interior Design;


An interior design style known for less, as well as simple forms, very clean lines with simple and uncomplicated finishes. Minimalism takes into consideration the importance of the negative space as much as the positive space. Accessorizing the space is sparse and small sculptural accents take precedence over ornaments in the design.

minimalism style

You can expect built-in storage behind seamless doors, with carefully arranged furniture that creates a cool, relaxed vibe. Generally, pattern textures and sans colors plays an important role in minimalist interior design schemes.

Scandinavian interior style;

Scandanavian design

Here we have three main things to focus on – function, simple living and a need for all things natural. Wood is the most common element of Scandinavian interior design, it’s used together with breezy furniture arrangements and whitewashed walls.

scandanavian design

Seating is limited in comparison to other styles that have normal furniture. Here the upholstery is usually limited to only sofas. Armchairs are sometimes partially upholstered; some have wooden or wire frames. Benches are also common. Occasional furniture is low-profile wood and very simple with almost no decorative woodwork.

Traditional interior style;

traditional design

Usually donning an English furniture design with that country’s common yet impressive history. Rich and formal are the style’s common elements, such as the button-tufted sofa or famous wingback chair, characterize the need for well-constructed, high quality designs.


Larger furniture pieces usually incorporate cornicing as a prominent feature, probably inspired by that eras architectural moldings. Although the upholstery is commonly fashioned in supple dark leathers and often modernized with neutral fabrics.


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