Things to Have in Mind When Designing Your Log Cabin Interior

Log home designs nowadays are truly taken to the next level. The design ideas are something to marvel at, and it is becoming less of a cabin-in-the-woods vibe and more of a glamorous, in-demand solution. When you think of this type of interior, you probably think of wood, crackling fire, and natural materials. The closeness to nature is what makes this design idea so appealing to many people. Whether you actually have a log cabin in the wilderness, or you adore the log cabin interior design idea for your home, let’s get you inspired with some great ideas and things to have in mind.

Where to begin with designing your log cabin interior?

Even though this design seems straightforward, it is not easy to decide on the direction you want to take when first beginning. There are many options to choose from, starting from the color of wood to the amount of wood you actually need before it becomes overwhelming. There is a fine line between going rustic and taking it to the extreme following that direction. Take your time making a plan before you begin the entire process.

  • Do online research—there is an abundance of inspiration on design websites that can get you fired up
  • Consult friends with previous experience with redesigning their home
  • Hire an interior designer if you are completely lost even after all the planning and research

Wall to wall wood

This is one way to approach your log cabin interior, but it does not need to be. If you love it that way—that is great—just try to mix it up at least a bit. Especially if you went with dark wood, it might be a bit too oppressive and dark. Framed walls will give you a nice break from all the wood. They are a great surface for some wall art or a large mirror which will make the rooms more open and spacious. In case you recently moved in with the help of Movers Toronto, they can also help you out with the placement of your large furniture that will complement the design.

Incorporate windows and glass whenever possible

In order to be even more connected to nature and the outdoors, you can add lots of large windows and balcony doors to your log cabin interior. Think of how much more open your home will be, you will have natural light during the daytime, and it will also create a great balance with all the wood. Visual relief is important with this type of design. Consider some large light fixtures like chandeliers to brighten up the rooms.

A large living space with glass walls surrounded by nature.
The bigger windows, the better; it will give your log cabin light and connection to the outdoors

When in doubt, go for white

If you love wood and the log cabin interior design ideas inspire you, but you want to make your home bright, pick the white color instead of natural wood. Whitewashing the walls will make the style more contemporary. Pair this with some large white and pastel sofas and furniture, and your home will be super bright and inviting.

A white wooden wall.
When in doubt, pick whitewash wooden panels and walls to brighten the rooms.

If still in doubt, add greenery

You cannot go wrong with adding plants to any style of home. Especially when you are decorating your log cabin, those pops of green will truly liven up the design. The overall wooden structure will be softened by plants, and they will purify the air as a bonus. If you are looking for a more feminine vibe in your rustic home, go for some flowers in addition to the greenery. They will give it a refreshing look and soften the whole environment.

A wooden framed window with some books, a mug, and a green plant.
Freshen up your log cabin interior by adding some greenery. 

Designing your bedroom log cabin interior

What better way to have a winter-holiday-cabin-in-the-woods vibe all year round than to decorate your bedroom accordingly? We are thinking plaid beddings, fireplace, rustic carpets, and a vintage chest of drawers. This warm and inviting style will make you look forward to going to bed every night, which is always a winning combination for a good night’s sleep. Opposite to the other rooms in your home, some dimmed lights will enhance the atmosphere in the bedroom and make it just perfect.

What to do if faced with mold?

Your log cabin may be susceptible to mold buildup, and it is not easy to notice when surrounded by wood paneling. However, mold can be a serious problem, and you should address it as soon as you see the first signs. If there is moisture in your house for any reason, it is the perfect breeding ground for mold. If gone unnoticed, it can spread very fast and cause serious health complications. Here are some steps on how to handle mold in your home:

  1. Keep your home well ventilated. If you notice moisture buildup, open the windows as often as possible to let the surfaces dry. This will also help get rid of the spores in the air as much as possible.
  2. Clean the mold from wooden surfaces. You can do so by making a mixture of dish soap and warm water. Put it in a spray bottle and use a soft brush to clean the surface. Absorb excess water with a sponge and dry it out with a towel as soon as possible.
  3. Hire professionals to help you. If your mold situation turns out to be more than you can handle yourself, make sure to hire experts to assist you. They will know what to do and how to eradicate mold from your home for good.

A few more things to have in mind

When designing your log cabin interior, you should make it as close to nature as possible. Incorporate cozy reading nooks with views of the outdoors. Use reclaimed wood for many design solutions. Choose natural color combinations that will not stifle the atmosphere but make the natural wood stand out even more. Make a cute built-in bunk room for the little ones. Even if your kids are older, the design can be made more mature with darker, unpolished wood and a hand-made wooden staircase.

Author bio: 

Kaci Moore is an interior designer with a knack for all things wood. She is also a mom of two and loves spending time in her log cabin during winter holidays. 

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