Things you should never buy without a coupon

The Covid-19 pandemic has made everyone rethink their finances and ways of living. Moreover, with technology rapidly evolving in the 21st century, many have become more aware of humans’ effects on nature. This is when frugality comes into the scene. An excellent way to practice frugality and save money is to get more familiar with the world of couponing. Couponing means significant savings in the long run. However, people are usually afraid to start because they think it’s too time-consuming and overwhelming. Luckily, we have been there before and are happy to share some of our best tips and tricks regarding the money-saving world. Here is a list of things you should never buy without a coupon to get you started!

The list of things you should never buy without a coupon

Whatever you are planning to buy, the odds are probably in your favor, meaning there’s probably a coupon for that kind of item. Finance experts claim that using a couple of coupons weekly might save you hundreds of dollars yearly. 

Furthermore, we found out from the relocation specialists at Zippy Shell Louisiana that many people require their storage services, as they buy many things ahead by using coupons. Those things are usually toiletries, detergents, baby diapers, other types of cosmetics, etc. 

The good news is that couponing isn’t as complicated as people think. Nowadays, you can find printable codes and coupons online or on mobile apps, which will tremendously ease the way you shop and ease the burden off your finances.

With that said, let’s look at the list of things you should always buy with a coupon and start your journey successfully.

#1 Clothes, shoes, jewelry

No matter what type of clothes you are shopping for, there’s a great possibility you will find a coupon. This fact especially holds for certain shopping holidays, like Cyber Monday and Black Friday (which is just around the corner), where you can find coupons for 50% off.

An additional tip is to go for online shopping, as many stores are likely to offer better deals, discount codes, and coupons to their online shoppers. 

Also, there are stores like H&M that will take your used clothing for recycling and give you coupons for your next shopping. That’s why it would be a good idea to rent a storage unit where you will keep your old clothes. And make sure you find tips on properly preparing your clothes for storage since you never know what they might be suitable for in the future. In this case, you will give them to a shop and get a coupon for them. 

Furthermore, you can also avoid paying the total price for shoes by couponing. Since having comfortable and high-quality shoes is a highly preferable option, you might be aware that they can be pretty expensive. So, make sure you check Finish Line and Khol’s coupons. Also, shops that sell designer shoes like DSW reward their loyalty members with $49 off their next shoe purchase about twice a year.

Finally, all the saving experts say one should never buy new jewelry pieces without having a coupon. During holiday sales and events, jewelry will already be at a significant discount. If you add a coupon to that price, you might end up buying a new piece for more than 60% off the regular price.

three golden rings as things you should never buy without a coupon
Make sure you use a coupon when buying the next piece of jewelry to surprise your spouse.

#2 Restaurant meals, pizzas, frozen goods

You can keep the dining cost out by using coupons, especially if you do this regularly. For instance, you can check Coupon Sherpa’s website to find deals for chain restaurants or Groupon for local coupons. Also, check your mail regularly. You might find offers from local restaurants hidden there. 

Popular pizza chains like Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s always have coupon deals, so make sure you use those.

a pizza cut into slices
Pizza is one of the things you should never buy without a coupon.

Since we are in the ‘food section,’ buying frozen goods with coupons can save you money in the long run, mainly because this is something everyone often buys. Check out your grocer’s website or to find better deals.

#3 Services like car wash and dry cleaning

Groupon, Papa Sherpa’s app, or checking your mail are great places where you can find coupons for services like car-washing and oil changing. This would be a fantastic gift for someone during the winter months when it’s not that easy to wash the car on your own.

Furthermore, dry cleaning is another competitive market, as there are not many national chains. Yelp is a great app to find coupons for local dry cleaners, as well as their websites. 

clean clothes hanging at the dry cleaners
Check your local dry cleaners’ websites, as they might offer up to 25% off coupons.

Other services, like car rentals, also offer great deals on websites such as RetailMeNot or Groupon. Additionally, even though Uber prices are known to be lower than average taxi drivers’, you can still save money by using the Lyft app and getting a $15 off coupon for your first ride with that company.

#4 Baby supplies

Make sure you research coupons on baby diapers, wipes, and formula before going shopping. If you are a new parent, you know how money-consuming these things can be, even though they later end up in the trash. By using coupons, you can save 2-5$ per package. Also, famous brands like Huggies and Pampers have reward programs on their websites.

Baby formulas are also a popular item for which you can easily find coupons online.

#5 Personal care products

You should never buy toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoos, deodorants, and other personal care products at a full price. All of these are consumable products we typically cannot live without. Therefore, why not save some money on those when you can? 

Websites like RetailMeNot offer a wide variety of coupons on personal care products.

#6 Household items

Since our houses also need constant care, you will be happy to find out that most house cleaning products have coupons. If you research the Internet for coupons before your next big purchase, we are sure you’ll save money. Popular brands like Mr. Clean, Clorox, Febreze, Scrubbing Bubbles always offer great coupons.

If you lack toilet paper or other cleaning supplies, try searching Kroger’s app or visiting

#7 Miscellaneous

You can get great deals on arts&crafts items. Popular places like HobbyLobby and Michaels always offer coupons. If you struggle to find coupons online, make sure you ask an employee for one.

Moreover, batteries are items that are always needed. Luckily, coupons can help you keep the cost of batteries down, especially for famous brands like Energizer or Duracell. 

Finally, you can avoid paying the total price for cold and flu medications on products like NyQuil, Triaminic, Mucinex, and so on. Also, heartburn relief products like Prilosec, Pepto-Bismol can be bought with coupons.

Final thoughts

With all of the above said, we are sure you now have a pretty clear picture of things you should never buy without a coupon. The first thing is to start researching the Internet and other apps to find the best deals. This will ensure you leave the store with a smile on your face and with more money saved than you’ve previously planned!

Author’s bio: 

Mellissa Higgins is a mom to three boys. As the pandemic has hit everyone’s finances hard, so has hers. As a piano teacher, she couldn’t provide enough for her family since her 1-1 lessons were no longer required. That’s why she and her husband started learning about couponing and the best ways of frugal living. Now that’s she’s got a pretty good hang of it, she loves sharing her knowledge, tips, and experience with people who might be struggling financially during these difficult times. Currently, she’s back at school, working part-time as a piano teacher. However, writing has become her hobby,  so she continuously writes on couponing, budgeting tips&tricks, and overall family budget organization.

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