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As 2020 trends are rolled out, from bathtubs, showers, sinks and vanities, we’ve got it covered. The textures, finishes, patterns, prints,  and styles are here and they’re fabulous. Let’s look at the hottest designs that provide the best inspiration. Whether you are planning a renovation or building a new we intend to spark some creativity. From modern, chic to industrial and vintage, whatever your personal style may be, 2020 is your year.


Grey used to be the most popular bathroom styles back in 2018 and 2019, however, that’s about to change. On to more bold and darker styles for this season. Grey is gorgeous, but black is just whack! In 2018 we said that dark tones were picking up in popularity and that it would continue. Well the time is now! Yes, darker shades, especially black, is here. We saw so much grey in the past year, but we can now expect to see a sharp increase in black features for bathrooms. There are popular trends in light fixtures, mirrors, vanities,  and other accessories. Some homeowners are somewhat hesitant when adding darker tones to their homes, where grey remains a top choice for those looking to get away from classic white or neutral colors, because they aren’t ready for the bold style of black.

Beautiful in black

Modern black bathroom


High-tech upgrade is essential. In previous years we featured high-tech toilets were increasing in popularity, a trend lead by the Japanese. Things like automatic lid openers, seat warmers, air dryers, and built-in deodorizers. If that technology appeals to you, just wait till you see the 2020 bathroom trends. We will start to see more smart showers, automatic sinks and mini refrigerators. Think about setting your shower to start automatically.

hi tech bathroom

By the time you get home your shower is hot and welcoming! Another trend is built-in blue tooth speakers for entertainment, and voice activation for the lighting and temperature control, with smart mirrors that speak back to you. TV installment is another fun trend, but really the possibilities never end. Modern bathrooms are turning into personal day spas, with technologies you can enhance the experience while providing more relaxation and convenience than ever.

high tech bathroom


Gold bathroom fixtures are back in and more popular than ever! Brass and gold designs are are being accessorized for sinks and toilets, and everything else in your bathroom.  This new warm toned gold plumbing fixture trend will dominate this years style, because it adds in just the right amount of luxury feel, depth and dimension to a luxurious bathroom design,

Change to the warm accents of brass or gold toned bathroom fixtures as opposed to the traditional polished steel or chrome which conveys a cooler, more modern, and sleek feeling. New options like in matte, satin, and spun gold which is just what is needed to add a classic traditional element to any bathroom.  And there’s an upside of keeping fingerprints and water spots to a minimum.

Think warmer tones with complimenting hardware, light fixtures, and wall mirrors as well.

Vintage brass and gold design bathroom


This style is not for everyone, but you should see an increase in popularity for this type of design within the coming year! With all the finish possibilities, wooden accents, and hip  patterns of tile, it makes complete sense that industrial vanities are in. Modern and sleek looks fits in perfectly with this classy yet edgy trend. Industrial sinks with gold or brass accents, or matte black fixtures with funky tile patterns that will modernize the look even more. This trendy style will make a big statement in 2020, so don’t miss it!.

Industrial sinks and pattern tile

Industrial sink and vanity display


We’ve seen how technology can create all sorts of new designs using basic tiles, but now  the colors and graphics change the traditional shape of tiles into something more interesting.

We are seeing a comeback of the once popular tiles of years past, with a few newer designs. No longer are we content with just a typical tile or a large tile set on the wall.  We many tile shapes to choose from.  We see high quality hexagon, diamond, Moroccan fish scales, arabesque, or chevron tile patterns in interesting colors & textures.  This will not just cover the floor, they will also be seen in bathroom back splashes, or on shower walls, and even for bold ceiling accents.

This is one of the best trends to try out in 2020 for livening up your bathroom.



Grey is gently fading from home remodeling trends. And as a result there’s a return of warmer accents and tones – specifically wood! Different shades of wood will compliment blue, green, white, and darker colored bathroom design schemes. Wood accents go well  with industrial and vintage trends so it’s no wonder they’re showing up again.  Add a classical traditional style to a trendy and modern bathroom. Unique styles are popping up everywhere!

Beautiful Wood Bathroom


Crammed, messy cabinet spaces frustrating you? In 2020 Bathrooms will have a more simple way of life as item storage is minimized. Compact storage cabinets and shelves will be offered in a more simplified way that better promotes minimalism, which is believed to  relieve stress and keep you well organized. Even if your other areas of the home are not as minimal, the bathroom is a sanctuary for relaxing and compact, hidden storage can provide that. Hidden cabinets, vanity under space storage and modern wall shelving will appear less cluttered, permitting the bathroom to feel more Zen, open and organized.

Bathroom with storage


As we stray further from gray shades, we will see more colorful fixtures, accents, and accessories in modern bathrooms. These vibrant colors go well with neutral shades, light or dark! Green or blue kitchens have become more popular, and we can expect to see those colors show up in upcoming 2020 bathroom remodels. The specific colors chosen can set various moods. For example, bright blue is said to raise your relaxation levels. And, green evokes nature and wellness. Other colors can boost your creativity and mood levels. This is a good way to introduce a unique element to your otherwise boring bathroom!


When it comes to choosing colors for your 2020 design scheme, we prefer a pointed pop, but then there’s some colors we want everywhere. Blush tones will continue to dominate in 2020 bathroom trends. Blush is a very popular color for modern bathrooms. Another upcoming trend that isn’t there quite yet, but is slowly beginning to show up is rose gold. A color that soon will not just be for your Iphone, but for faucets, drawer knobs and pulls, and even in bathtubs. Keep your eyes open and expect to see this trend to spread in the next few years. Until then, we’ll just enjoy blush!

Blush bathroom with gold accents

Pink bathroom


The possibilities for expansion and for larger space is usually the desire. In fact, the goal to have more bathroom space is often the biggest reason to remodel. Especially the bathroom! Just by utilizing better compact storage options, you can expand your bath or shower.

  • Big Bathtubs

The bigger the better! Bigger bathtub space equals more relaxation. You deserve a relaxing place to unwind after that long exhausting day, and there’s no better place to do it than in your own bathrooms? Jacuzzi styled tubs aren’t necessarily as popular as they were previously, giving way to other large tub styles.

  • Open Showers

Open showers appear to increase the size and appearance of your bathroom, while giving it more space and adding convenience. No more slipping over the edge of the tub while attempting to get out to dry off. Some may feel this design lacks privacy, others like the accessibility and openness with increased shower space.


Open shower and big bathtub


Asymmetrical Mirrors are better than ever. Geometric and ornate mirror shapes are all the rage, but there’s more! Like the rest of the bathroom which keeps getting smarter & smarter. Mirrors with anti-fog technology is becoming more common, with smart touch capabilities, USB charging, and everything else you can imagine. No more plated mirrors. With geometric and ornate shaped frame options popular, you have many options to get creative when picking out the perfect style.



And now for the most important element of your bathroom to go with your mirrors – lighting. It’s definitely all about the lighting. A sleek and stylish bathroom would be nothing if you couldn’t see it, or when getting primped you’d like to come out looking perfect,  right?! While the idea of shapes, gadgets and functionality is high on our list. This is the reason we see contemporary front lights and back lit mirrors rising in popularity. Back lit mirrors provide a subtle option that allows for the best lighting. Lights in front permit more creativity, although it may distract from an asymmetrical mirror shape.

bathroom with backlit mirror


It may be a good idea to consider adding an under-floor heating system.  When temperatures outside are freezing –your biggest wishes could come true.  There is a wide variety of under-floor heating options like: concrete, vinyl, tile, and wood to list a few.  But in your bathroom, the cold tile can turn into a cozy warm floor. Heating systems provide heat, but they also reduce possible allergic reactions with less disturbed dust, and even noise levels.

heated floors More technology is constantly being introduced into bathrooms, meaning more appliances can also be integrated.  For example, some luxury bathroom design schemes feature a beverage center with an under the counter refrigerator placed near the makeup area or for your medicines or sensitive organic face remedies.  Or you might see bathroom designs with warming drawers for robes & linens. Aside from dryers in your makeup area, you can have wireless electronics like TV’s and music, cooling or warming systems, etc.

The bathroom used to be an area where technology is a no-no. Now, it can rival the kitchen in the number of gadgets and the amount of tech in it.  This trend will continue in 2020, especially in master bathroom designs.


Floating bathroom vanities were popular in contemporary design schemes for years. But with simplified life styles, new designs & trends that makes floating bathroom vanities essential to lift your bathroom to the next level. This helps diminish the visual weight of the cabinets and lets the coordinating elements be the focal point in the room. Don’t worry about your storage either, because you can add built-in hidden compartments into the cabinetry or simply add baskets below that accomplishes the goal.

floating vanity


When you think of wallpaper it evokes sort of negative emotion! But it’s not your Grandmother’s wallpaper anymore! With bold, big and colorful patterns, and murals that are ever so interesting with a big  impact. Newer designs are even easier, peal & stick with  no glue to clean up and definitely more forgiving for 1st timers. Ready to add vibrant life back into a blah design?  The powder room is perfect since it’s a smaller space, with less moisture issues. Impress your visitors with a stunning new powder room with dazzling new wallpaper that that will wow them.

bathroom with wallpaper


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