Ways to Bring Southern Charm to the Interior of Your New Home

When people think about southern style, the first things that come to their minds are usually wrap-around porches, old-style furniture, and just too many things in one place. But, let us reassure you – there is so much more to southern style than that.

 Southern charm is more about the atmosphere than about interior design. Imagine those old movies showing people who comfortably drink their favorite tea in their favorite armchair, and imagine them doing it with utmost pleasure! Or, imagine them stylishly entertaining their friends during the weekend and doing it in their favorite summer outfits. This is what southern charm is all about! And, today, we are going to help you achieve it – both the look and the feel of it. Thus, if you want to find out about different ways you can bring southern charm to the interior of your new home, keep on reading. 

Create a Mixture of Old and New 

Maybe one of the easiest ways to bring southern charm to the interior of your new home is to create a mixture of old and new. The best part about this is that you do not have to renovate or redecorate your home from scratch! You have to find a way to incorporate some of your family heirlooms into the modern home you live in now. Use antique furniture from your grandparents, use their rugs, pillows, curtains, plants, etc. Play around with different materials and accents until you find that perfect balance between the old and the new.

If you do not have inspiration or if you are not quite sure how to achieve this southern charm, check the internet for some decorating ideas. And, if you do not have antique pieces that you can use for your southern-style home, check out the second-hand stores that sell furniture and other household knick-knacks. 

A living room.
Do not be afraid to use antiques in your modern-looking room.

Add Personal Touches 

As mentioned before, southern style is more about the atmosphere than anything else. Thus, if you want to achieve that atmosphere, the best thing you can do is to use personal things – things that make you feel real and comfortable. For instance, take out that old china set you got for your wedding and put it someplace visible. Hang the pictures of your friends and family members everywhere. Make your living space comfortable by adding rugs, pillows, throws, etc., that make you feel good. Or, use pieces of furniture that your parents and grandparents had in their homes.

There are also many ways to remodel your home on a budget. Some minor upgrades can really make all the difference. You just need a bit of know-how and a few ideas you can find online. Also, display memories and stories – there is no better way to bring southern charm to the interior of your new home than adding a few nails of shelves to accommodate these pieces. Moreover, there is not even a more affordable way to spruce up your home than that. Use the things you have in your home and play around with them – it will make you feel great, and it will save you tons of money. 

Bring the Outside In 

Southern charm is closely connected with porches, swings, summer days, greenery, and the overall feeling of calmness. So, if you are one of those people lucky enough to have a porch, a yard, or even a balcony, achieving this will be easy. All you need are some inexpensive home upgrades like renovating your deck and placing southern-style outdoor furniture or a swing there.

But, if you do not have something like this, you can consider bringing the outside in. The best way would be to create the so-called sunroom. A sunroom is a space that has only beams and glass walls. It is a perfect way to imitate a porch or a balcony. You can fill it with comfortable furniture such as sofas and armchairs, pots with plants, shelves with books, etc. Just be sure that everything looks cozy and inviting. 

A sunroom.
Adding a sunroom can be an expensive project but well worth it.

Use a Lot of Color 

When it comes to southern style, you should avoid using white. White makes everything sterile-looking. Moreover, people are intimidated by white furniture, white walls, white rugs, etc., because they can quickly get stained. And, trust us, nobody can relax and feel comfortable in homes like this. So, do the opposite. Play around with colors. Do not stick to one color palette only. Southern-style is all about mixing and matching different shades. For instance, you can mix beige with brown, yellow with grey, etc. However, stay away from dark and neon colors – they work only in specific places. Just stick with pastel and neutral tones, and you will be fine. 

Besides the walls, you can also repaint your floors, windows, doors, kitchen cabinets, etc.  But, remember, doing all of this will be a big project, so if you decide to do it, remove all the furniture from your home first. This is especially important when it comes to the antique furniture and family heirlooms you plan on incorporating in your new home. It would be best to contact the crew from Zippy Shell Louisiana who can delicately move those pieces to a storage unit until your renovations are over. 

Different color palettes.
Experiment with different colors; it will be fun. 

Focus on the Details 

Many people who adore southern-looking homes think that they must have porches, rounded stairs, very tall ceilings, crown moldings, expensive floors, etc. But, you do not have to have these things in your home to make it look southern. You can improvise! Even the simplest modifications will be able to transform your home and make it feel southern.

For instance, if you do not have good-quality, expensive, dark floors – just paint the ones you do. If you do not have crown moldings on your walls – put the plastic ones, or add wallpapers that imitate them. There is a solution to every interior design problem you have, so do not give up on your dream to bring southern charm to the interior of your new home. Just remember that the point of going southern is to create a home that makes your feel good!

Author Bio: Angie Richardson


Angie has been working as a designer for the last ten years. She specializes in both interior and exterior design. In her free time, she also writes blogs regarding design, decorating, remodeling, moving, etc. Angie is also a wife, a mother of two girls, and a cat owner. 

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