Why You Should Move Out During a Remodel

Remodeling a home is such an exciting project. Giving your home a new look will revive your routine, make the space better suited to your needs, and bring a fresh perspective to your daily life. However, the whole process of remodeling a home can take a while. Depending on the size of your project, your home will be under construction for quite some time, disrupting your everyday activities and even work. Even though it’s worth it, remodeling may require you to find a temporary home. Here are the reasons you should move out during a remodel. 


When remodeling a home, you have two options – stay in or move out. The first option may seem like a more affordable thing to do, but it’s entirely the opposite if you think about it. Staying in your home will probably make the process last a lot longer, making it more expensive, too. Contractors will need more time to do their job, as they will have to work around you and your schedule. Furthermore, protecting the rest of your items in the house and daily cleaning will require more money. Therefore, a simple move out will make the project faster, simpler, and less expensive. 


If you want your contractors to be efficient, be sure to move out during a remodel. If you clear the space and remove all the obstacles, they will be more productive and, therefore, a lot faster


Another reason to move out during a remodel is safety. This is particularly important if your family includes kids and pets. They tend to be curious and playful, which means they can also put themselves in danger with all the tools and building materials around. Moving out is the safest option for your family, as you won’t have to think about heavy tools, paint fumes, dust, and other hazards.

Also, you should think about the safety of your furniture and other belongings. They can be easily damaged during the remodeling process, even if you do your best to protect them. Renting a storage unit will keep your possessions safe from damage but will also clear the space for workers to do their jobs more freely. 

A man holding a drill
Remodeling includes dangerous tools, strong fumes – not a safe environment for kids or pets. 

Disruption of daily life 

Even if you’re on your own, remodeling a home while staying in will disrupt your daily activities. The problem becomes even more evident if your family has more members – especially young ones. Working from home, doing homework, cleaning, preparing meals, using the bathroom – all of the daily activities will become more complicated and require more time and energy. Your home will be noisy, dusty, and messy until the work is finished, so think twice if you can tolerate that. If you want peace of mind and an uninterrupted daily routine, then moving out for a while is the best thing to do. 

A box you need to move out during a remodel
It’s easier to pack and move out during a remodel than have dust all over your belongings.

What are your options?

Once you realize that it is a good idea to move out during a remodel, you should start exploring your options. Your temporary home can be:

  • Your family’s or friend’s house – if your remodel won’t take long, staying with some of your close friends or family can be a great idea.
  • Rental – renting a home is excellent if your remodel needs more than just a couple of weeks. If you want to have all the comfort and the ability to function without disrupting someone else’s life – renting a house or apartment is the best thing you can do. Try rental platforms such as Airbnb, and find a place to stay for a couple of weeks or months.
  • Hotel – If you need a place to stay for a couple of days or weeks, a hotel may be your best solution. Even though it’s not the cheapest option, it will give you privacy without disrupting your friends or family.

Be sure to carefully consider your remodeling circumstances before picking an alternative home. Ask your team for the closest possible finish date, but also think about your family’s needs, your budget, and your location. Considering all factors will ensure you pick the best option for your temporary stay and don’t spend too much money on it. 

Move out safely and efficiently 

Moving out to remodel your home is not much different from moving to a new address. You need to pack everything safely and transport it to the new location. Experts from Pro Movers Miami suggest you hire local professionals who have a lot of experience with such relocations. Explore your options, read reviews and do background checks to make sure you’re trusting your household to the most reliable team. 

A cardboard box with the word “fragile” written on it
Event though you will be moving out for a short period, you should still get some help with the relocation

Stay focused 

Remodeling can take a while, which usually makes people nervous and impatient. However, you should try to avoid this, as being impatient with these things can lead to mistakes. Plan your home remodel carefully, and be realistic when it comes to the budget and time frame. Know what to expect from the process by planning it, and employ a reliable team. This will ensure that everything is worth it in the end. Even if that means you need to move out during a remodel. 

Author bio: 

Lorna Gayle is a freelance writer whose main focus is home improvement and organization. In her free time, Lorna loves tackling DIY projects with her husband. 

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